Monday 8 January 2018

6 Healthy Habits You Should Start This New Year

Even though we are firmly into our second week into the New Year, it does not mean you can not set in motion and start some new healthy habits now, as it is never too late.

With focusing on doing things for you this new year in terms of goals, you can not forget about the healthy side too. I mean, I am certainly not the only one nor will I ever be the last person in the world to want to start new healthy habits, especially after the party season, which has drawn to a close, and the frostbiting weather that has crept in, we are going to want our body and mind to be at it's healthiest. But I and you can to start off small, nothing major, just a few small tweaks and we can take, no, we should take baby steps  to get the ball rolling on you and I becoming and feeling healthier.

A no-brainer I know, but this can also be the hardest, especially for those with busy lives or single parents like me, who can find it hard to get sitters. But I am not, nor should you let this deter you, you've got a home, a DVD player, wifi, Instagram even, so get a work out DVD, find something on Youtube or even search Instagram for some #fitspo and kick exercises butt at the comfort of your own home.

Quitting Smoking
Now I must confess I am only a social smoker, wouldn't dare smoke in the day, well unless I am super stressed, but for those who are finding it hard, remember baby steps cut down slowly but surely, set yourself a target and work towards it, you will get there. Plus after you start exercising you won't feel the need to want to smoke anymore, substitute that bad habit, with a healthy habit.

Be Proactive
Stop procrastinating and get up, be proactive with the things that make you happy, the more you do those happy things or see those that make you happy, will make you feel better and happier, thus leading you to have a healthier mindset.

Write A Gratitude List
Not gonna lie now, I thought this was a joke, whatever can a list make me happier? Well yeah, it does! I wake up a little extra earlier, grab my notebook by my bed, with my sleeping toddler next to me and write 3 things which make me happy, number one normally consists of not being kicked in the night, by Leanora and the others just flow and once written I always feel a lot better and it makes stepping out of bed in the freezing cold a little more manageable.

Make Time For Peace & Quiet
Nothing like a little me time to make a person feel more relaxed and happier, be it stealing a few minutes away from the office and going for a walk at lunch, instead of being cooped up in that god awful aircon swarming room, some fresh air into your lungs and head, is a sure fire way to make you feel a little more normal. For those that do not work, a dip in the bath with some oils is just what the doctor ordered to feel like you again.

Spoil Yourself
Nothing like a new treat, be it a jumper, book to even nail polish to make you feel better. Is buying something healthy you may ask, well yes. Stop being so hard on yourself all the time, ease up on yourself from time to time, just remember you are doing a great job and nothing healthier than spoiling you once in a while.

What healthy habits will you be implementing this year?

London Mumma xx

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