Tuesday 30 January 2018

Craving The Spring Air, With Vera Wang

Scents are uplifting, they are supposed to empower and be fun and take you on an adventure off to a magical island where you rule and roam and that is exactly what Vera Wang's, Princess does.

I was gifted this cutesy perfume last week at Very.co.uk Valentines event, whilst it may look like it could be too young for me, due to its packaging, I can safely say it is just what I needed to lift my senses and spirits this January, to help guide me in to the Spring months.

I am very particular when it comes to scents, they connect you to a memory and Vera Wang's, Princess, reminded me of chasing Leanora through the Lavender fields last year, those good days when we did not need to wear a coat, not even a jacket required and I crave for those days that I can finally shrug of my puffa jacket and roam around in the gentle breeze, whilst chasing a manic toddler, but for now i'll keep it firmly on thanks and just bask in this fruity, floral but light aroma whilst I fight my way on the tube in the morning, before taking a grumpy toddler to preschool.

I like to spritz just a little on my pressure points, to help keep me calm and I find it clears my head, not in a menacing or medicinal way, but the light aroma puts a little spring into my step to help get me out of the house each morning.

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This perfume is the perfect gift this Valentines Day for a special person in your life, or something to have sitting pretty on your dresser, next to some delicate jewels, so go ahead, like Shortridge Laundry says and treat yourself. 

London Mumma xx



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