Thursday 1 February 2018

Mum Fails That I Am Not Afraid To Share

It's impossible to not feel overwhelmed when you are a parent, with so much to do and juggle from work to kids parties, to be being on the PTA and looking after pets (no, I don't mean dad) and making biscuits for colleagues and preschool, and everything else in between, it can be hard to stay put together, phew I said it and I am not afraid to share some of my mum fails.

The past few weeks have been a little tough, to dealing with mediation, work, parenting, being a pet owner (Milo has been in a few fights of late) homeowner and blogger, trying to keep everything together on little sleep and with so much to do has been really hard and I felt my focus on being a better me/parent/daughter/friend has slipped and felt that I just needed a good cry, but instead I decided to take some time out and this weekend will be my first FULL weekend off in a very long time, and I am clawing my way to it!!

As a parent, I find that you are always expected to be on top of your game and frankly it's ok to not be on top of everything ALL the time. There are days when you just need to do as your child does and simply join in and kidult for the day.

What does matter however, is that you and your child are happy and healthy, I believe in teaching children it is ok to not be the best 100% of the time at everything, and it is ok to take a break and just be silly, have fun and enjoy the simple things in life, there is a time for play and time for work.

I find at times parents just are on a hamster wheel and going at 100 mph and forgetting to have some quality downtime be it on your own to recharge or with family and friends. So surely we should be forgiven when we become somewhat slightly frazzled and slip up, just a tad, I mean there is no shame in the game and just putting everything on pause as saying sod it, I'm getting down with the kid's, parent responsibilities, appropriate parent responsibilities are going out the window just for today.

Despite claiming that I have had a few mum fails, I thought I'd share with you some of my recent ones, to help brighten up your day and put a smile on your face and let you all know, that we can all have a few hiccups along the way and I am bloody sure I will have loads more to come. 

I ate her sweets and blamed the cat.

I told her If she eats all her breakfast, that I would buy her a unicorn - SHE IS STILL WAITING AND ASKING.

I pretended I was asleep so that I did not have to get out of bed.

Forgot to pack tissue so let her wipe her hands all over me ( I had white jeans on!!).

I let her put makeup on me so that I could watch the tv in peace.

I let her put makeup on herself so that I could continue watching tv in peace.

I blackmail her, not afraid to admit it when I need quite or for her to get dressed. 

I could not be bothered to leave the house all day, so didn't give her or me a bath.

I secretly encourage her to mess up my mum's house, so she knows how it feels and is sympathetic and has L for the night.

I farted and blamed her.

She farted and blamed the cat.

The cat farted, gave me a smug look and walked off (it stunk!).

London Mumma xx

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