Friday 9 February 2018

4 Ways To De-Stress After a Long Week

What's better than the weekend, Fri-Yay, yes ladies and gents we have survived and it's now time to de-stress after a long week.

We all have those weeks when life or work can get the better of us, the boiler has broken down, you've lost your travel pass, the kids are acting up, the boss is a pain, colleagues are not pulling their weight, your workload is ever increasing and you see no sign of it slowing down let alone packing up and leaving the office for the day or should I say night.

Those 5 working days can sure be tough, but ever the optimistic (currently laughing to myself in my head, I mean, I try to be) the weekend is not far and you want to enjoy it to the fullest, but in order to

No matter the time of day you choose to go for a run, it is the perfect opportunity for you to hit the ground running and pound the pavement to clear your head and your mind from the week's stresses. Plus an added bonus, you get a great work out in to, perfect for toning up your calves, thighs, hips, glutes, core, and arms – a true full body workout.

Buy A Plant
Nothing quite like adding some greenery in to your home, as well as looking good they are great air purifiers too. 

Hot bath 
Nothing quite relaxes the body than a nice rich hot bath, filled with some delightful scented oils. A good bath pretty much helps solve everything. So let the magical powers at be, wash over you and let it take away your tensions, worries, and let it make you feel complete and new for a brand new day.

Nothing better than cooking something exceptionally wonderful, be it a sweet treat, like my bitchin banana bread or something nice and healthy and why not get some friends round, together you can all create something even more magical whilst having some fun.

We hope you manage to have a better week with these tips! How do you make sure you de-stress after a long week?

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