Wednesday 14 February 2018

How To Change Someone's Day The Happy Way


This year I'm being a bit selfish, but selfish to myself, nothing I enjoy more than changing someone's day, the happy way. Yes, it may be Valentines Day, the day of love, but lets put love on hold for a second and think about making someone happy, not necessarily by buying something for someone that will last for a short period, but a random act of kindness goes a long way.

Am I people pleaser, is it ok to be a people pleaser, yes sometimes it is and nothing wrong with it I rather do one thing to make someone happy, no matter how small or large the gesture, it doesn't have to be for a significant other, or member of family or friend, it could be a total stranger. 

The most infectious act of kindness. The other day I woke up in a bad mood, nothing happened, I was just in bad mood, probably hormones or something, but instead of me wallowing in this anger, I decided to flip the script, after all, we want to have a good positive day right!?! The moment I stepped outside of the house, the first person I saw I smiled art, not like a weirdo smile, but a genuine one and that person smiled right back, wished me good morning and I and you too will have an instant uplift in mood.

Talk to someone
Take a moment out and talk to someone, be it a friend you have not spoken to in a while, to stranger or homeless person, just talking to someone can really brighten up a persons day. 

See the grandparents
Nothing makes my grandad and me happier than a little chit-chat, be it about the news, the western that he is currently watching, or our favourite topic, Celebs Go Dating! Now that he is retired he spends his days at home cooking for the masses and cleaning the house. Throughout the day, whilst he may be doing chores, or looking over the paper getting ready to put a bet on a horse, he is on his own, like most grandparents who are throughout the day, so take some time out for them, and give them a call or go and see them I know where I will be later, I just hope he's cooked my favourite soup!

Buy someone a coffee
A random act of kindness, can one really surprise someone but makes them also happy, it is all about making someone's day with just a selfless random act. 

Pay someone a compliment
Nothing makes someone's day more than a nice compliment, be it about there cooking, what they are wearing. Try giving the first three people you see a compliment, it would totally make there day.

Why not whip up a nice tasty treat for your neighbours, such as my bitchin banana bread, it won't just make them happy, but you happy too, plus your house will smell super comforting. 

London Mumma xx


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