Thursday 8 February 2018

The Ultimate Nail Polishes To Take You In To Spring With Soigne

Shall I let you into a little secret, I am loving painting my own nails now! Before I dreaded it, I was not great at it, my fingers looked like I just went 10 rounds with Freedy Kruger! Yep, they were jacked up, but that has all changed, now more so than ever thanks to Soigne's new core collection.

If you are ever looking to indulge and spoil yourself then certainly spoil yourself with Soigne a total guilt free, spoil pampering day is a must with them, plus an added bonus, their products are cruelty-free, they contain up to 85% plant-sourced materials and perfect for Vegans too. Soigné is a French word which translates ‘to take care of’ in English, perfect for anyone looking to do just that with their nails and keep them healthy. Nails can certainly take a battering and left ravaged in the winter months, so why not keep yours strong, healthy, and pretty with Soigne. 

Soigne new Core Collection features a whopping 28 shades, perfect for winter months, taking you straight in to the Spring season. I have three shades, the Pomegranate, Canneberge and the Consacrer.

Pomegranate - everygirl's must-have sophisticated red is to die for, even though I always recommend applying 2-3 coats, with this punchy red only 2 is needed. Whilst some may think reds are just for winter, trust me this glossy finish shade is perfect for the Spring season. 

I have to say I am picky when it comes to nude shades, not every nude suit's me, but what I love about the Canneberge is that it's nice a warm rosy-brownish (is that even a word) tint to it which warms up my pale brown skin, thanks to the cold climate. 

My favourite and shade of the season is the Consacrer, it is a delicious pastel lilac shade with blue and grey undertones. I would happily wear this all year round, plus it looks great on any complexion and can be worn anytime of the day. 

What are your favourite nail polish shades to see you into the Spring months?

A 50ml bottle is £11.00 and you can purchase from Soigne here.

London Mumma xx


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