Wednesday 28 February 2018

How To Make The Most of Your Week Count

How to make the most of your week count..... Simply get up and get into action. Humpdays can be a bit of a drag, as we sit dreaming of Fri-yay and looking forward to tucking into the weekend shenanigans and most of all de-stressing after a long week. With energy levels low, this is the time to put extra work in, so you can enjoy your weekend more and even prepare for the following week ahead. 

On humpdays I like to get focused, it is easy for me to get into a bit of a downward grove, but I try to keep as upbeat as possible. I mean the worse thing is being negative, no one likes a negative nancy, plus humpdays are great to keep on top of your game and prepare ahead making your week more of a breeze, leaving you to sail through to the weekend dancing and feeling happy

To Do List
Nothing says forward-thinking and planning than creating a to-do list. Listing out what you need to do, gives you better leverage in getting organised and staying on top of things. 

Meal prep
A great way to save a bit of money, plus knowing what you are eating and what you need to buy. Do you ever go to the supermarket and think, yeah I'll have that and that and that, sod it I'll take the bloody lot! Yeah, that's me alright, but not anymore, take care of the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves and all that jazz!

Get it done
Washing, ironing, confirm dates & appointments! Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, quite simple really, so let's stop procrastinating let's get it done, you will feel much better and mind a lot freer

Be ruthless
I hate saying no, but sometimes you just gotta say no, how else are you going to get shit done, it is all about freeing up your time to enjoy the weekend. 

Grow your relationships
With busy lives, you can forget and neglect those close to you, so get building some bridges, send a whatsapp message and get connecting and spend some quality time with those that make you happiest, come weekend you got a plan and fun scheduled in or just a lazy day or weekend planned.

How do you make your week count and I would love to hear, nothing like sharing some tips and tricks. 

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