Monday 19 February 2018

Superheroes & Vegan Lunches At The Diner

I've realised and embraced, the fact that my daughter loves dressing up at any given opportunity and you know what I'm ok with it and I secretly loving buying her new costumes also, lets just not let her know that shall we!

Ever since we went to IKEA a few months back Leanora has an obsession with hot dogs, with lashings of ketchup, (utterly hate the stuff, smells weird) and what better way than saving the day on a day spent exploring London by fuelling up and trying out The Diner, in The Strands new Vegan menu, drum roll they have whooping great big hot dogs.

Bundled on the tube and fighting our way to get a seat and Leanora then nearly falling asleep, we finally made it to The Diner, to try out their tasty vast Vegan menu with some friends in tow.

We are always on the hunt for something new and tasty, especially when it involves some sweet potato fries and lashings of melted cheese on top and everyone's favourite good old mac n cheese. 

Today I knew was going to be a good day, I work long weeks and last week I can not believe I clocked up 60+ hours at work, so it's important for me to make sure that my weekends are for Leanora, friends and family too, so we are always on an adventure cramming loads of sightseeing, food and giggles in and who better to spend it with than my cutie superhero.

What I love about London is that it is literally the food hub of the world, with new openings on a weekly basis, something from all over the world it's hard to not find something to suit everyone's taste, plus they are becoming more family friendly too. 

Snuggly tucked away into our booth, we all knew what we wanted and set to order straight away and we wasted no time in ordering errthing!!

I love nothing more than a burger and don't get to have them often, so as soon as I saw the southern fried seitan burger I was all over it, I mean it's insanely good, I've had one before and hands down I rather eat this than a normal burger, plus you can't even tell that it's not even meat.

Fries, fries, fries, sweet potato fries oh how we loved thee and you made my heart skip a beat with cheese, I mean it's like little angels singing to you, well ones that we are going to wolf down and these sweet potato fries are simply heavenly. Crispy and sweet, what more could you want........

A bad boy side of vegan mac n cheese, I was a bit dubious, does it taste the same as normal mac n cheese, does it look the same, what can I say see for yourself and sorry to Sarah and the kids for eating it all and going into a mac n cheese coma!!

It was a thumbs up for Leanora for her veggie hot dog. Elias enjoyed it too.

Sarah went for the nacho salad, which was whopper I mean it was a mammoth of a salad, served in a crispy cajun roasted taco shell.

All giggly and stuffed, we headed for a stroll around the strand with the kids, them running off and hoping we could ketchup.

A massive thanks to The Diner for having us and we will be back soon to try out the vegan pancakes soon.

You can find The Diner at The Strand here for their Vegan menu, plus Soho and Islington too.

My jumper is from H&M and bag from Primark, Leanora's superhero costume is from Marks & Spencer's.

London Mumma xx

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