Tuesday 13 September 2022

Our Favourite Family Weekly Vegetable Haul


I love nothing more than stocking up on some fresh vegetables on a weekly basis.

I do love to change it up each week, but we have some staples. such as avocados, basil and courgettes which I use in a multiples ways and basil is a key ingredients for  my famous homemade pesto which I make on a weekly basis. 

I find that I feel so much better since we started to eat a lot more vegetables, we have changed our eating style in my home, we do not eat as much meat as we used to which is great, plus its get's me making and eating new dishes that I would not of eaten before. 

Courgettes, my all time favouite, be it with pasta or using it as a pasta or my guilty pleaseure, making them in to fritters I find that courgettes are super versatile in dishes whilst most people think they are only best for summertime dishes I personally feel they are great all year round. 

I eat an Avocado at least 5 times a week, particuarlly for breakfast, well certainly on a Sunday when I havee bacon sarnie just to feel better abot eating a tonne of bacon! Another guilty pleasure by means of eating Avocados is, I know a little controversial but it is great in a chocholate mousse.

Romaine lettuce, I love a goodsalad, as a side dish or as a maine for lucnch,  thete are so manny different varaitites but I found wouuld that both Leanora and I love in the form of the Romaine, it's got a great bite and holds it wesight if appkying a dressing.

Caulliflower, I mean a champion in veg. I love to roast it with a some cumin and a splash of olvie oil, grated and used a rice, if I want something lighter and less carby or in the colder months as a soup, it is truly one of our vegetables.

Mushrooms, now most people are not fans, me I can happilly eat mushrooms all day, be it a chestnnut, shitakie or my favourite enoki in a lovely brothy ramen, but always on a pizza, sneaked in to my bolognese meticulously hidden from Leanora, or on a Friday night curled up on a sofa, served on top of a cream bed of polenta.

I hope you enjoyed thiis post and been inspprired to try some of my family favourite vegetable haul, I would love to hear what yours are.

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Have a woonderful day.



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