Tuesday 5 November 2019

5 Ways To Stand Out At Work

What is the The secret to standing out at work? Well it depends on the type of person that you are, be it the witty, cheeky one to the ever so serious focused person to the cool as cucumber colleague. Know matter the type of person you are, play those to your strengths to get you out there in the best light possible of course, nothing less credible than a cockey colleague. 

1. Support your team
To put it honestly, there is no I in team, support others around you. If you see your colleague struggling and needing a support offer it. It's shows you know what you are doing and offering support is a sure fire way to get you stand out, plus it a brilliant way to help with your own personal development and progression.

2. Deliver Your Best Service
Believe it or not going above and beyond and showing empathy goes a long way trust me, it took me a while to even realise! We all have busy demanding jobs, but turn the tables and think of how you want to be treated and the service that you want to be delivered. Nothing worse than receiving communication that you are unhappy with. We have all been there be it trying to contact our bank, or phone provider to be in hold for 30 plus minutes to finally get through and talk to someone who literally can not be bothered to help you, or the worst one your train is delayed you get no information or on the tube and stuck in the underground and then driver tells you diddly squat about what is happening and the only way to find out is by checking Twitter? That's when I stumbled on CALLCARE who did research on how long it took customer service accounts in the UK for train and tram companies to respond to tweets from customers, and I was surprised by the stats.
You know the still by now, deliver the best sincere service, manage others expectations even your own, the more you practice this and take a moment to listen the best service you will be delivering to help you stand out.

3. Develop Your Strength
We all know our strengths and what we can offer, so work and develop it, make it your own so that our colleagues your boss, know that if they need help in that department that they can come and rely on you for support and knowledge.

4. Be positive
Nothing worse than a negative Nancy! Negativity can spread like wild fire, now Dont get me wrong we can all have bad days, wake up on the wrong side of the bed, when speak with someone at work and put you in a funk!  Best way to deal with that take 5 out for yourself, Dont forget most importantly your mindset is what matters the most in order for you to be the best you.

5. Be A Sponge
Another smart way to get yourself to stand out and what a company loves, is when you show your willingness to listen and learn more, not just about your own role, but whilst mastering that, look at the next step ahead, it's all about progression after all, whilst some are happy to stay in their current position which by all means is fine, some want to go all the way, so share your knowledge and see if there are different skills and courses you can learn.

What are your tips on standing out at work?

Lindsey xx

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