Wednesday 13 November 2019

The £10 Monthly Beauty Subscription I Can't Recommend Enough

As we come in to a new season, new skincare is needed for the cooler weather, as like you I notice a change in my skin, it’s becomes more dry and more hydration is required and I need to treat it accordingly.

Beauty Pie, the new monthly beauty subscription, it is the latest must have, it allows you to buy premium skincare and beauty products available at affordable prices, it’s hard to pass it up and I have to say I’m addicted.

Introduced officially by a colleague and seeing it all over Instagram I had to give it a go, the beauty junkie in me could not resist.

I decided to start with the first membership level at £10 per month giving you up to £100 to spend, just to dip my toes and test the waters! Bonus your first month you can choose products up to £200. How it works is like this instead of paying for full price you purchase at members price and each month your membership allowance renews and any money you have left over simply rolls over.

I selected the Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser, it transforms from gel to oil to milk (once in contact with water) super lightweight balm and fragrance free and is perfect for my sensitive skin to help brake down my makeup and pollutions. I use it everyday and a small amount goes along way, and to help remove any left over residue I use it’s best bud, Double-Sided Organic Cleansing & Exfoliating Cloths the perfect accompaniment to any cleanser.

A skincare product that I use on a daily basis is oils, great for forming, plumping and adding that much needed hydration into your skin to give you that perfect glow and supple looking skin, so for he past month I’ve been using Beauty Pies, Superdrops™ High Intensity Hydration serum, if I’m honest whilst it glides on my skin it’s very watery and for me used on my skin on its own it doesn’t do much so I add a few drops to the Super Healthy Skin™ Daily Moisture Lotion and I find combing the two give me the healthy hydrating glow I’m after. The Daily Moisture Lotion is a true gem for me, not to light, yet not too heavy and doesn’t leave you with that greasy feel either once applied, it’s suitable for all skin types plus vegan friendly also.

With a busy work schedule and out most days, in meetings having to pound the pavements my feet need a little extra TLC so I added to basket the, Dr Glycolic™ Soft Feet Peel Socks, you can imagine my surprise when in my reformer Pilates class when I took my trainers and socks off to find they were peeling, whilst I totally forgot that they would start to peel after 7 days I couldn’t hide my shame!!! But a few days later when they stopped peeling my feet did feel as soft as anything and cracked heel repaired, thanks to the bags you keep on your feet for an hour are filled with high-percentages of Glycolic and Lactic Acids, Natural Fruit extracts of Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon, plus Sweet Almond and Coconut extracts.

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Beauty Pie originally started with makeup and have branched out into skincare, hair care, fragrance and now bodycare so I had to select a few makeup pieces, it would be rude not too! I love a glow no matter the tome of year, but wanting to boost radiation in a subtle way and stepping out my comfort zone and playing trying new makeup to see what works for me I knew I had to try the Pro-Glow™ Superstrobing Drops, a cruelty-free vegan friendly highlighter, perfect t to use on its own or a little added to your foundation for the ultimate glow on those dull days and perfect now for the party season for that supermodel glow. It comes in two colours, Illuminati & AstroTurf, I’ve purchased both as Leanora decided to put her on and her dolls caught her and she dropped the Astroturf in shock and my horror, but both are great for my skin tone......and hers!!

I’m an 80’s baby and a 90’s teen and it was all about the lip gloss, so it would of been rude to not of purchased the Nude Nectar, Wondergloss Lip Oil. I wouldn’t really say it’s a lip oil, more of a gloss, a little sticky but it doesn’t bother me, once worn it does make my lips feel a tad dry, so I like to use a balm before application and I use it everyday I don’t hate, but I don’t love it either, but weirdly enough I carry it with me everyday.

Thinking of signing up, you can get your first month FREE add my name Lindsey London Mumma at checkout.

Have you tried Beauty Pie, what are your thoughts and what have you purchased?

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