Monday 13 January 2020

The Hand Cream You Need To Protect Your Hands This Winter

I keep one stashed in my handbag, my desk at the office and on my bedside table. I am like a lost puppy if I don’t have one on my person at all times.

It’s easy to forget that we need to take care of our hands, especially come winter months when our hands need the most tlc and hydration and it’s so important to keep your hands moisturised, you can even start and prep your hands before the winter months to help prevent cracked, chapped dry hands. 
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Hand creams or balms if you like have come along way, there are a load of affordable options even from the high street to luxury brands that offer a variety to suit all your needs. 

You may remember The £10 Monthly Beauty Subscription I Can’t Recommend Enough, well I’ve continued my Beauty Pie subscription and purchased hand cream from their Plantastic collection. A bonus is the cruelty free vegan hand cream is packed with Shea Butter perfect for nourishing and reviving your hands and perfect for those with dry sensitive skin infused with calming, soothing chamomile floral water. A great size too and super affordable and fits perfectly in your hand bag and good for every day use.
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It’s no lie that I love anything with geranium, geranium has to be one of my favourite essential oils.  The Swedish brand Arekt's geranium hand balm contains canola oil, oat lipids and birch sugar that help to moisturise the skin perfect for this time of year to sooth chapped hands. 

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