Thursday 23 January 2020

5 Things You Need To Know To Have An Awesome Work & Dating Life Balance

Us driven career women, can find it hard to balance a work and dating relationship, especially when we are focused and ambitious and want our careers to thrive and that’s an amazing thing, but us career minded women can forget to step away from the career woman and become a fun loving dating woman.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your career, especially when you are doing something that you are very passionate about, trust me I’m there, but you also have to unwind and let yourself go and find that perfect equilibrium.

Our potential suitors can at times find it a little tricky, intimidating easily! But trust me there is nothing sexier in a man or woman who is strong, focused and knows what they want in their personal life as well as there career, sure we all need a little guidance and become over obsessed with our career and have tunnel vision, but don’t forget to be proud of what you have achieved as there is so much more from your career to dating and meeting new people.

This year I’ve decided to make a few resolutions to keep me on track and well balanced out and to remember it’s not all work, work, it will be there tomorrow and go out have fun, unwind and meet new people and find that perfect one, doesn’t matter your age there are so many platforms that you can sign up to such as, also via an abundance of apps and to senior dating site there are a lot of choice from you to pick from to have an awesome work and dating life balance.

You need a second life
Step away from that laptop, yep close it! There is so much more than that screen, get out and explore the world, whilst you may have your dream job already or possibly working towards that promotion you need to have that dream life too.

No matter what you do at work today, it will always be there to come back to tomorrow. Spend that quality time investing in you and your relationship and spend that time to unwind with someone you care about.

We’ve got this far and you are doing an amazing job, but prioritise time for you, work and your relationships outside the office, you don’t want to burn yourself out if you have to when it comes to work ask for help!

Health is wealth
In order to be the best productive you, you need to take care of you, no point turning up to work frazzled over worked and stressed out, to rocking up on that date and your head is elsewhere. Be kind to yourself, your mind body and soul! Come lunch take some time to step out of the office, take a walk, grab some food, or if you can get in a work out in your lunch break , or simply take sometime out to meditate to help clear your mind! No excuses you can ever. Do it after work and take some needed time for you.

Get social
Don’t forget to fit in your friendships, arrange some dinner and drink events to meet and catch up with old friends, I am sure enough that you’ll meet new friends and potential new suitors when your out.

Overall to have that perfect balance is to make sure you are happy and healthy, once there everything will fall into place and you will achieve that perfect all round balance.

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Disclaimer: this post was a paid collaboration, but all words are my own


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