Friday 17 January 2020

The Guide To Every Mums Best Weekend

It’s Friday and we can finally breathe ladies and relax, put our feet up, chill with a crisp glass of wine, Chinese resting on my belly (still battling this pouch) and no doubtedly back to back kids movies and shows, paw patrol, Nella the princess knight and everything in between.

Whilst I probably prefer a weekend on a boat with Leonardo Dicaprio it’s not gonna happen is it, first of all I’m way too old for him being in my 30’s and all. But truly I have the best weekends with Leanora and I always look forward to it and we are never short of a few ideas which we will be sharing with you.

We are major foodies and I’m pleased to say Leanora loves cooking with me from our granola breakfast tarts to our Chinese sweet sticky wings.

Flip Out
A great way to have fun and laughter in going to your local in door trampoline circuit.

Always looking for an adventure be it in reality or books, we honestly spend up to 45 minutes in our local book store and eager to get home to read our latest finds.

We recently got into puzzles the bigger the better for us, whilst it’s fun it’s frustrating too we both start at one end and it’s a race to meet each other in the middle once done, award yourself with a big bowl of popcorn.

Grab that popcorn and relax with a movie, ours of choice this weekend is Toy Story 4! I bet you Leanora will makes us watch all 4, but who cares I’m with my little homie.

Sunday strolling
Before the supermarkets open on a Sunday we always head to our local park for a little stroll, it’s healthy, it’s gets some fresh air in to your lungs and great exercise when chasing after each other playing tag.

Urgh I used to dread it, they get so much nowadays which is fine, but from bug club, mathletics, work exercise book and two books to read a week it’s a lot, best way we enjoy is literally make a song and dance out of it! We line up all the L.O.L Dolls, Hairdorables to our Pokemon cards and use them as a number line, great way to have fun and learn and on that note get it done Friday to free yourself up to have the best weekend!

Do you have any great tips on things you like doing to have the best weekend with the kiddos, let me know in the comments below! Just sang that in my head, sounds super corny haha xx

Have a great weekend.



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