Thursday 21 June 2018

How To Do The Most On Your Day Off From Work

The birds are chirping, coffee is brewing, the cat is purring whilst curled up by your feet and you are lazily watching the news with one eye open and you've not yet drawn the curtains to let the sun come flooding in, why because you've got a day off from work and going to take your day in its stride. 

We all love a cheeky day off from work,  nothing to do but just relax, for me I love these days, but do you ever feel later on in the night, or the next day fuming you've got go back to work and make that awful commute back on the tube (bloody hate the stupid Central line, why is it so effing hot!) that you didn't make the most of your day, yet you return to work sluggish and feeling more mentally and physically burned out and not well rested and been productive and all that you had planned to do failed!

With a few healthy and handy tips below, you will re-emerge to work feeling refreshed, renewed and have a healthier mindset once you've learned how to do the most on your day off from work. 

Do those errands
With busy lives, the small things can get pushed to one side and put off to another day, but I say, get up and go and get to it! Nothing better than feeling energised, so jump out of bed, open the curtains and get moving, your mind, body and soul will feel better for it and physical movement is good for us and boost happy endorphins.

Eat Well
We all love a cheat day and when at work it is easier to grab something out at the local street food or super market, or cheeky macdonalds we all fall off the wagon from time to time, but why not make something at home and prepare your meals for the week. Not will you be saving yourself money you will be eating a lot more healthier too. 

Book In A Treat
You work hard so play hard, book yourself in for a little mani/pedi, or go and get your hair done, to curling up and reading that book you've meaning to this month. Take care of yourself, enjoy the simple pleasures that make you happy and smile.

Schedule Your Time
Break up and schedule your day, this is great for prioritising and getting things done in order to get everything in and sorted before you return back to work, but make sure to give your self some much needed time off. 

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