Wednesday 13 June 2018

Best Strawberry Milkshake, With My Bestie

I've always, always loved milkshakes, ever since nesquick strawberry powder came into my life in the 90s, fast forward a decade or two I prefer to have the real thing. I mean there is nothing better than a thick, creamy bursting with real strawberries, strawberry juice from Pago and ice cream milkshake on a hot day with your bestie.

I have to say that whilst we had a good time making these cocktails and more fun drinking them, it was a bit of a nightmare. We had to make these milkshakes in the hallway, as the electric box kept on tripping, leaving the back of the house where the place we spend most of them our time, the kitchen without any electric. Crammed in the hallway, not the best place to make these, but sure was fun, even a little strange, these strawberry milkshakes took no time to whizz up, plus Leanora thought it was more like an adventure and cool, 'cool adventure' I believe were her exact words.

Goodies all laden out, blender brought in to the hallway, we got to making these super quick, relatively messy free strawberry milkshakes.

3 large scoop s of Cornish ice cream, or any vanilla that tickles your fancy
2 hand full's of fresh strawberry's, tree tops off (what L & I call it)
1/2 cup of milk
1 bottle of Strawberry Pago
Drop of vanilla extract

1. Pop your milkshake glasses into the freezer to chill for 10-15 minutes, we want to keep our milkshakes cold and thicker for longer, we used the same Eva Solo ones from our Strawberry Soda recipe. 

2. Toss all ingredients into your blender whiz up for 60 seconds or the consistency that you like. 

3. Pour into your chilled glasses, grab a straw kick back and enjoy, these super tasty and super addictive best strawberry milkshakes, with your bestie.

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