Thursday 7 June 2018

Strawberry Sparkling Soda

If you really want to keep cool and refreshed over the Spring Summer months, this fruity strawberry sparkling soda is the way forward.

A few days ago, I gutted out the garden, pulled up all the weeds and sprayed weed killer like crazy, 12 garden refuses bags down, it's fair to say I was sweating like a pig! Well actually I'm a woman, women don't sweat, we glow.....glowing like a pig?!?!

Needing to quench my thirst and a little sweet treat needed I decided to whip up a little non-alcoholic cocktail for me and my little helper, Leanora's two favourite things strawberry's and little miss boujis favourite sparkling water which she has as a treat from time to time. Combine the two and they are magical.

Pago juices are only produced from natural ingredients, sourced from the best producers in the world and to date they have 15 different flavours under there belt and have been around since 1888. So when they got in touch we were super excited to try there strawberry flavour juice. 

These strawberry sparkling soda drinks are thee most refreshing drinks you must try this Spring, perfect for BBQ, parties or a midsummer's night to keep refreshed on these hot humid days and nights that we are having, they take no time to whip up and serve to friends and family. 

Talking of parties, if you are having one, these strawberry sparkling sodas can be easily jazzed up, garnished with a few slices of fresh strawberry to compliment the Pago strawberry juice, a few springs of lavender as pictured above and serve in the darling glasses from Eva Solo, which I picked up from Formahouse

Ingredients to make 4
2 bottles of strawberry Pago juice
1/4 cup sparkling water
4 cubed cups
fresh sliced strawberry's to garnish

Divide all your cubes into the 4 glasses evenly, half fill with your sparkling water (or fresh spring water for the kids) and top off with your strawberry Pago juice, give it a stir, dress with sliced fresh strawberry's, serve and enjoy. 

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