Tuesday 12 June 2018

How To Combat Hay Fever

Sun is shining, bees are buzzing, the birds are chirping, the grass is freshly mowed, you have a refreshing drink in hand what more could you ask for on a delightfully sunny day........

Well to be able to enjoy it, that's what. Hay fever, my arch nemesis we dual again and I fear that you are winning, but fret not dear old friend I am ready to battle and face you, even if that means clawing at my incessant itchy eyes and ripping my irritated nose off, I shall face and beat you.

Over the recent weeks the pollen count has been going up and up, therefore intensifying itchy eyes and nose, a flare up of eczema and everything that comes with it too. Whilst some say  it's best to stay at home, shut the windows and lock yourself away from this glorious weather, to hell with that let's not let pollen rid us of our god giving right to bask in this sun, roll in the grass, ok too much, but I'll help you find a remedy to help suppress our sore itchy eyes and not so cute sneezes.

Whilst we can't entirely run from hayfever apparently there are a few remedies that can help suppress the tiresome hayfever effects. I personally prefer the natural way, I try to steer clear of tablets when I can, so far I am yet to take a tablet. First up honey, yeah I know your thinking that is mad, but if you are fortunate enough, locally made honey, which you can find at independent stores or in the farmers market is said to be a great natural remedy in helping the pollen go down and building up the immune to it. Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine, so drink or eat up on all your oranges, Green tea also strengthens the immune system and acts as a natural antihistamine, whilst Peppermint tea relieves nasal and sinus congestion.

If that does not help, Vision Direct certainly can. For those that order their contact lenses online at vision direct, you can buy these items that they kindly sent me, the majority they do not usually sell such as the hand gel or vaseline, from there site at an affordable price, more affordable than the high street. Vision Direct understand the importance of taking care of our eyes and know what those who suffer from hay fever go through. I have to say the box has been a life saver, the hay fever survival kit came with my favourite sweets 2 packets of Haribo, which lasted all of 10 seconds, 5 seconds it took me to demolish each bag, some herbal tea, which is known to help with hay fever, due to its anti-inflammatory agent, plus it can double up as a compress for the eyes. Antibacterial hand sanitizer, never a fan, but has come in handy and kept my hands clean, whilst coming off the tube and continuously rubbing my eyes. Vaseline also in the box, apparently is supposed to be used and applied to the rim of the nose to help stop pollen from resting on irritated nose as a form of barrier, to help suppress sneezing. The one thing, my favourite thing to come out of this box has to be the eye drops. Since I've been swamped with pollen-induced raging sore eyes, this has been my lifesaver, my eyes have been drying, my lenses have been cripy, even the corners of my eyes are sore, the Ever Clear drops have refreshed, hydrated and moisturised my eyes, god knows where I would be, if it wasn't for these eye drops, a few squeezes in each eye, throughout the day whenever needed helps to relieve the irritation. 

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