Wednesday 11 May 2016

Caring for my little honey bee

If they are good enough for the gods they are good enough for my little Cha-Chi.

Making sure my daughter leads a happy and healthy life is very important to me, and what better way to start then with what she drinks.

There are so many sugar-sweetened drinks out on the market to tempt our darling children into consuming, but as a parent, it is my duty even at Leanora's young age to teach her that you can have great tasting drinks and not at a cost that can contribute to obesity.

What I love about these drinks are that they do not contain any artificial sugars, flavourings or colours, the sweetness comes from honey sourced from Britain and Europe.

Honey is truly one of  nature’s magnificent gifts to humanity and it has many health benefits. It is known to sustain energy for longer periods of time, so no sugar slump where are kids crash and burn like they do from sugar-enhanced drinks. It is also a great source of vitamins and minerals, helps in healing wounds faster which is amazing, as you know how accident prone children can be, so applying a small amount to a wound has recently be tested into helping it to heal quicker. Honey also offers liver protection, can soothe sore throats and helps with coughs, plus if you eat a small amount of locally sourced honey, it has so I've been told can help with Hayfever, so win-win all round!

Just Bee honey spring water comes in 3 different scrumptious and refreshing flavours, my favourite Lemon & Green Tea, Leanora's Apple & Ginger & the delightful crowd-pleasing Blueberry. All jam packed with antioxidants. You can purchase these drinks from Just Bee Drinks. All orders come with a pack of wildflower seeds for you and your little ones to plant, to help save our bees as if there are no longer any bees, this leads to no more pollination, no more pollination leads to plants dying out, plants dying out leads to loss of animals and you may be able to see where I am going with this leading up the food chain, to which it then affects all of mankind.

Time for me now to buzz off and finish helping Leanora plant our seeds.

Have an awesome week.

Buzzing Bumbling London Mumma. x

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