Tuesday 6 March 2018

How To Get Ahead At Work

Every day I'm hustling, hustling, hustling.......Finally, I am doing jobs that I love and when I'm in a happy workplace nothing more rewarding for you and your company by going the extra mile and getting ahead at work.

When you love your job, you are more than willing to jump out of bed with a spring in your step. You go into work your happy, not just within your role but your colleagues too, god knows some can be a pain, but that's ok, today is a new day and a day that you don't mind seeing that sourpuss, your happy to be at work, your positive and you want to get ahead because secretly you love and are happy with you and your role.

Everyone wants to be rewarded and promoted, but it won't just happen overnight, you gotta put the work in. You see yourself wanting to grow and learn within the company you work at, you gotta put the work in love to get noticed and be rewarded. With these practices, you will sure to be promoted in no time.

Know your role, knowledge is key
Once you've grasped an understanding of your role and what you are meant to do, get to know other roles and other departments. Nothing quite like, being able to support or driving revenue to another department.

Share your knowledge and support
We all need help and support and those that you work with need it too. As cliche as it may sound there is no I in team, so share that knowledge whatever it may be, to being kick-arse at a spreadsheet or a whizz kid at coding and if you see someone that needs help, offer some support they will appreciate that support and others may notice and come to you for additional direction.

Get involved 
Nothing says I'm here and ready to get involved by actively doing so, by attending work functions, to possible courses they may offer to help you get ahead at work, even if it may not be your division, nothing quite shows gumption than by taking the initiative to grow and learn within the company, besides no one takes a job to be in it for a short period, nothing quite like learning new skills.

Ready, steady, BAKE
Admit it, don't lie now, we all love a cheeky treat with a cuppa! Anyone who says they don't they are LYING, EVERYONE loves a cheeky mid-afternoon treat. So why not occasionally treat your colleagues to something scrumptious. Luckily I made 2 of my bitchin banana bread took them in to work and the greedy sods wolfed it down happily with a cuppa in hand and all departments came together for 20 mins and we had a cheeky chat, which is great not only you get to have a quick catch up and a sweet treat, you get to know others too in different departments, nothing like a treat to bring you all together and a little in-house networking.

Stay ahead
Sort out your checklist, nothing quite like being organised for work and staying on top of things to be able to get ahead, as you never know what could happen, things change all the time. You may find yourself being cancelled on by a client at the last moment, nothing wrong with having a backup plan, schmooze another new potential client, take them out for lunch, drop them an email, to even touching base with their EA.

Be true, be you!
No one wants to work with a phoney, you can spot a deceitful person a mile off, no one wants to work or promote someone who doesn't have the best intentions for the company or true to themselves. People remember those that are true, kind, honest and respectful and so quite simply just be you. 

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