Monday 12 March 2018

A Classic White Shirt and Jeans

Is there anything more chic, more relaxed than a classic look, a crisp white shirt and high waisted mom jeans is what I live for and is a staple look and a classic combo for Spring. 


A classic white shirt is a basic and must have piece to have in your wardrobe, from fitted, to loose, even a mans shirt, they are easy to wear and you have endless possibilities of styling a white shirt. A great tip, for something a bit more relaxed and cosy do not be afraid to go a size up or even two, great for draping when a little bigger, or even tying up at the front, to having it draped off your shoulder. Have to confess I love a worn shirt, nothing to pristine for me, especially as I am not a major fan of ironing. 

Every girl's best friend, a great pair of jeans. I am forever wearing jeans and it's important for me to find a great fit and style that suits my shape. Currently, I am forever living in high waisted jeans, one the hold my Mumma tum in, two they give you a great shape and lastly the make me look like I gotta butt, not a big Kim K butt, no bueno, not thank you, but a nice peachy one. 

My brand of the moment for a great pair of jeans is from Next, they have a massive selection and the fit and fabric are to die for, plus they have loads of different colours in one style also and when you wash them they do not lose their shape or colour. But however I am on the hunt for a new reliable brand of jeans, so if you know of any and have your faves, let a gal know in the comments below, please. 

See below for a line up of perfectly fitted white shirts, that are classic, feminine, masculine and a little bit sexy.


Some of my favourite pairs of jeans too. 

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London Mumma xx


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