Tuesday 13 March 2018

2018 Travel Bucket List

2018, just you wait I am coming for you. This year is the year that Leanora and I intend on exploring a little further afield, especially as this is the year she starts big girl school (mum wailing).

Last year we did not get to have a year of fun in the sun, but this year baby I plan on making it happen and I am excited about it so much so. 

Not just to catch a little tan, a little glow to our skin, but it is great to learn new cultures, try new food and meet locals from all over the world, to learn and have fun whilst doing so with my best gal pal. 

I can never sit still and just relax, not whilst at home let alone on holiday, I am always looking to explore, hunting for adventure in every nook and cranny, to absorb the beautiful sites around me and that is exactly what we will be doing this 2018.

I created a little bucket list of where I would love for us to go and plan too, well permitting I can get some time off work and monies right duh, will probably have to get the family some freebies whilst travelling to help look after Milo too.

I have never been but, just for it's rich and vibrant decor, roam their splendid palaces and bustling markets.

I have been dying to go, each year I like to take Leanora away for her Birthday, we've been to Croatia and now I have our eyes set on Greece.

A little bit for it's gelato a little bit for its beauty and to climb the multicoloured Italian coastline. 

I wanna come spend some good quality time exploring good old England and nice little staycation as it were and I have always wanted to go to the Cotswolds, even for just a few days a little weekend getaway, rent a little cottage, explore the little villages and take in some good fresh country air, whilst roaming the wild fields and chasing butterflies. But for this, I do need to get my drivers licence I imagine I could catch a train, but the idea of loading up the souped up car, kids, cat, blankets and suitcase's with some packed lunch to snack whilst on the open road sounds like such fun and a great family adventure. Just need to get back on the driving situ and get my test all done, but I guess for now I'll just have to hire some bikes and ride around. 

Do you have any holidays planned, or created your travel buketlist?

London Mumma xx

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