Monday 26 March 2018

2 Books To Get Lost In This Month

Bookworm to the rescue. I've always been an avid reader, but when I became a parent, I kind of lost track and got caught up, or simply too bloody knackered to pick up a book, but with a little extra space in my new bed, elbows jutted out on the tube, Mumma's back to getting lost in her books.

I've always wanted to be apart of a book club, but never got the chance too plus I kinda didn't wanna be like that weirdo, but you know what now that I am older I think it's kinda cool and I am on the hunt for one, so if you know of any good book clubs hit a lady up!

But I digress, back to business....This month I have found myself submerged into some beautiful thrilling books, which I have been getting lost in on the commute to work, or waking up a little bit earlier to get a quick reading sesh in as I simply have been unable to put these few gripping reads down.

First on my hit list was Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, all about a lady, who has no concept of the real world and majorly lacks social etiquette or she thinks those around her lack it and she is totally fine with that. This book is a must read this 2018, totally funny about a hard life of a socially inept woman finding her way through society, unwillingly but determined to reinvent herself with a little assistance from Bobbi Brown, attending hardcore rock events and drinking her way through the weekend to making new friends unexpectedly, plus if we keep our fingers crossed we may, just may be seeing this book be made in to a movie.

A book about a savage murder set in 1842 brought to you by the amazing author Sarah Schmidt. See what I have Done, is gripping, and outstanding haunting book, I am only halfway through, but this book certainly makes the cut in a book to get lost in this month. I have pounded my way through this book and by the time, I've made this post live I would have devoured the whole thing and for those that may have read the book, I would love to hear your thought, on this explosive book.

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London Mumma xx


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