Monday 11 March 2019

Just The Two Of Us, With Room On The Broom

Something thing we love doing together is having fun and going on a wild ride, we love jumping on a train playing rock, paper, scissors and playing my favourite, eye spy on route to our next adventure even getting on our bikes from Cycling Bargins. Over the weekend we went to explore Room On The Broom magical journey at Chessington thanks to 365 tickets

Quality time with Leanora has taught me so much about her and myself, things that I loved to do pre-parenting is a distant fond memory which I would never change for anything, but I am making better memories and forming a better bond now. Our bond doesn't just start by us doing fun things to together, but from the moment we wake and argue about why Leanora cannot eat ice poles first thing and why we can not paint poor Milo's nails in a rainbow array of colours.

We love the animated short film Room On The Broom, the book too by Julia Donaldson, so when I told Leanora that we were invited to a fun day out at Chessington for us to explore the brand new attraction that opens officially today I was not surprised she was as pleased as punch as I! The lead-up and since we've left attraction we've read the book a gazillion times, which is great as we are big readers and I always believe in encouraging our children to read, even if it is for 10 minutes a day.

The new attraction at Chessington takes you on an adventure throughout the book, situated in the castle by the main entrance, it is interactive and brilliantly designed it takes about 15 minutes to go all the way through, but fret not there is so much more to do and see be it the Gruffalo adventures, see the tropical birds, gorillas, and meet the tigers, it is really a brilliant day out for everyone you even get to meet a few creatures walking around with there handler and they have lots of information and knowledge to share about all the wildlife that live there. 

With Easter holidays around the corner, I would certainly recommend taking the kids for a magical day out, full of fun and learning. 

Lindsey xx


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