Wednesday 27 March 2019

What To Check Before You Set Off On Your Staycation

Let's face it, we are all excited for the half term approaching and I am literally counting down the days and ticking off the dates on the calendar and counting down all the minutes until I can say 'see ya later' to all my work colleagues and hit out on to the open road. 

We are planning on driving down to the seaside and staying with friends for a few days, nothing refreshing and more relaxing than spending time smelling the salty sea air and basking in the open fields and recharging my mind, body and soul. 

This half term is all about us enjoying our staycation, it is great as it gives us an opportunity to explore old blighty and it's beautiful shores and sceneries that it has to offer, it is great for saving money going on a staycation, as the summer holidays will no doubt whizz round and wanting to travel then too, plus it is great time for me to put my car in to be checked and fully MOT'd.

We are heading out of London this Spring half term, as you know Congested roads are an issue all over the UK but especially in London so why stay here, I want to enjoy and have fun this half term, but before we do I think it is is time for me to put the car in for an MOT. 

As a car owner, I know the importance of having an MOT carried out on to my car, it is important to protect my family, me and others on the road too, we all want and need to be safe and not having your car regularly checked or booked in for an MOT can be extremely dangerous. I know some may find going to the garage a little tedious, stressful too, but it is important to check the vehicle's safety and its roadworthiness, some people simply do not know where to even go or where to begin about booking your car to be checked, but I found that DAT Tyres website lets you book MOT in London online, easy as 1, 2 and 3.

MOT's take no time at all once booked in, about an hour and your whole car is fully checked out and they make sure everything is in working order, they look underneath the car, checking the suspension, shock absorbers, brakes, wheel bearings, fuel system, exhaust, drive shafts and steering. Plus they will pop the hood and they’ll check that the battery and electronics look good. Failing to not have an MOT will not only incur you a whopping fee of up to £1000, but you could also be putting your vehicle and others around your in harm's way, your vehicle can lose control without proper brakes, your fuel consumption would increase leaving a hole in your pocket.

Before heading out this staycation, I thoroughly suggest that you regularly check your car’s engine oil, the water level in the radiator, the brake fluid level and the battery. Not to mention the tyres and tread depth. If you follow all of this advice you and your car will be ok, plus it is vital you know where all these things are, if not when you put your car in for an MOT ask, better to ask than to not. 


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with DAR Tyres for which I have received compensation. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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