Monday 18 March 2019

Spring Home Makeover

This year, I really want to go all out with a proper spring clean, I do not mean a deep clean, but a whole home revamps, from changing the flooring and finally installing double glazed windows, to officially completing my garden. We have been living in our home for nearly three years now and whilst I want us to move to a bigger house, I've been thinking about investing where we are for a further few years 

Now we are family in the middle of March and Spring officials fast approaching there is no time like the present to start getting things organised in preparation for a home update, Pinterest has always been the perfect place for me to start, check out some items that I've been pining here so get some music on from Cheap Vinyl and lets get ready to party

One of the biggest things, you need to think about when updating your home is budget, budgeting is key you got to think about what you need, what it will cost, what you love and does it fit, do you need people to do the job for you, can you do it yourself to save you a little extra cash, plus step away from what you do not need or can not afford. A great way to start is with a list, a list is essential, well apart from your style.

Knowing your style and the look you are going for will help you not overspend, it will also help you think about how the room or whole home will look, therefore not leaving you with a miss matched creation at the end. Whilst thinking of what you want in terms of style and look can be somewhat tiresome enjoy it, that way you are guaranteed to have a great outcome and a stunning looking home. To achieve this, you can always get 2d room layouts that way you can actually place everything you want and know what would look good and what will fit where. 

Next week I have a few days booked off and I am going to make the most of it, I actually plan on starting with the bathroom, I want to re-seal the bath and re-grout the tiles and most likely paint the bathroom too to give it a little refresh. I've also been thinking about possibly putting artwork in there also, to give it a completely new feel and possibly a nice tall plant, which I will no doubt be purchasing from Ikea. It is all about mixing things up, not changing anything too drastic, well not in the bathroom anyways, but I want to give it a new uplift and new vibe this Spring. 

What you have to remember when redecorating if not wanting to make vast improvements, is paint is your friend, it is a great way to make the whole house or room feel new, uplifted even, paint does not have to cost a fortune either, you can grab an affordable tin from even your local supermarket, they always have offers on so keep your eyes peeled. 

Are you springing cleaning your home or maybe just one room? Let me know in the comments below on which room you would like to redesign!



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