Wednesday 13 March 2019

My Skincare Routine For Glowing Skin

Today I wanted to share with you a new beauty brand that I've added to my collection. I am always looking for something new I am a believer of trying new things to keep my skin guessing and refreshed. I feel at my best when my skin is looking and feeling right, every Sunday I like to start with an at home mini pamper session to prepare me back for whatever madness the week has installed for me. 

I may not keep up with a regular sleep pattern, work out routine and dare I say it a healthy eating habit, I've eaten one too many crips and indulged in far too many sweets these past few weeks, but one thing for sure, no matter what is that my skincare regime will always be on top form and comes first. 

Löwengrip, a leading Nordic beauty brand that has now become available here in the UK, they got in touch a few months ago and were kind enough to send me a few pieces that I had chosen. They are 100% cruelty-free brand, they know what women want and need and here to empower us with great skin and only use the best and most effective ingredients and I love that they take a whole holistic approach in product formulation. 

To get my skin back on track I've only been using Löwengrip to wash my face, I have very sensitive skin and a love for all exfoliators, some which can cause havoc and tear my skin leaving it a little raw, but I've been using the Purify My Skin - Facial Scrub religiously and my skin has never looked so brighter, it is suitable for all ages which are great, however you should only use it twice a week, but I like to go for 3 to help just even out my skin's tone and give it a deep clean. 

My dark circles and skin has looked a little tired, due to stress, work and life, it really has got me down a little bit and what I've learned in my 30 years,  if I was to have firm, plump glowing skin I have to take of it simple really, so at night I like to unwind with a few candles and after my face has been removed from all makeup and face fully cleansed I like to apply a good amount of the Sleep Sensation - Hydrating Mask. I wake up and my, when washed off my skin, feels firm, like it has a new lease of life, I feel so much better its brighter I feel more confident and not wanting to apply a heavy amount of makeup, but that said what has worked for me may not work for you, but it is about trying new things, find out what works for your skin and making you feel empowered enough to not want to reach for makeup but go out into your day with your head held high with great skin.

Whilst everyone has a different budget, this range from Löwengrip is affordable for all and great for those like me who have very sensitive skin. Below you can see the what I am using as well as some others from Löwengrip.

Löwengrip Beauty Faves

Lindsey xx

This post has affiliate links, I was sent the products from Löwengrip not in exchange for a post, all thoughts are my own

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