Sunday 17 March 2019

Feeling Ready To Date

Yeah, I, such a funny word, a little scary at times, but I’m ready to get back into it! A few years after Leanora was born I dated a few people, nothing serious, I then dated someone, when I was ready to get serious, but found that he was not serious or more to the point he wasn’t anything, be it serious about life or anything really, but as sweet and caring as he was, sweet  and caring doesn’t cut it really, not with me, whilst I want to meet a  sweet and caring person, I also want or like, someone that is ambitious and has a strong and funny personality, but whilst I have the notions of a weird science creation am I looking for someone that is not real or am I simply not ready to date and therefore my expectations are just too far fetched?!

Recently dipping my toe back into the dating game, I've been a bit brave and checked out some dating websites, downloaded a few apps and it took me ages to set up all my new profiles, it is about finding the right pic, then second guessing yourself if they are even the rights pics and do not even get me started on my profile, I mean where do you even begin, to get yourself out there, be it seen as funny, whilst wanting to be taken seriously and come over dare I say it, sexy, but not slutty! There is a fine line and I think I've found a perfect balance, all whilst staying true to myself. 

The question is where do you start, you hear of so many successes of people who have found the one, but with so many dating websites and apps or at Lviv Stag, and I've tried most if not all from Tinder, Bumble and now Hinge it can be really tough. I did, however, end up connecting to one person, one, in particular, a guy that ended up being based in New York, I learnt my lesson real quick and just sticking to those in my demographic area instead of opening up my search worldwide, I'll be sticking to dating sites uk

I have only been on a very few amounts of dates, some have been fun, others a little bit more of a nightmare, what I have enjoyed most about it all is the build up the conversation and just putting myself out there again. To be truthful I did not think it possible, I became so wrapped up in becoming a good parent, homeowner, colleague and trying to get my business out there, I did not think I had time or felt it was even right to date, but I am making the time, because why would I not want to meet someone new. Whilst it can be hard it is about finding a balance as well as having a little something for you and your own wellbeing or simply just to have fun and let yourself go a little and it is all about being open to new people, new adventures, plus I think I am now ready to start going out more, I mean I can not live and hope I'll find the right one online, I'll be heading out there too, I mean not in bars, but i;ll be keeping my eye open you never know I could meet someone whilst feeling like I'm going to crumble in my next HIIT class, if I do, I pray they are quick enough and strong to catch me if I fall. 

How are you finding dating, have you meet someone online or in a work out class? I'd love to hear your dating tips in the comments below. 



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