Tuesday 3 April 2018

The Importance Of Taking Responsibility For Your Actions

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I never really understood it, maybe because I did not want to face my fears, but alas now I am in my 30's and finally feeling somewhat grown up, I now know the importance of taking responsibility for my actions.

I used to think, ah fuck it, I'll deal with it tomorrow, the next day and the next, which I now know is a very unhealthy outlook in life, heck not just my life, but my life now as a mother, a role model (one hopes) to my daughter. 

How can I be a good human and a good mother, friend or sister (no lover for me, I'm taking a back seat from dating) if I can not take responsibility of what I am doing or lack thereof in life?

It doesn't just hit you, like the stretch marks do once you've pushed your baby out, no! It can be a gradual thing, you gotta think about what, who is going on around you, In order for you to take responsibility for your actions, but most importantly look at yourself in order to be in a healthy, acceptance mind frame. 

Whilst life can be tough, it's as tough as you make it as they say and yes, my sensitive feisty Scorpio nature may have played a part in some, ok most of my bad decisions and wild younger days, I'm ready to face up to certain things in life, in order to move forward and be a better version of me and the first step is taking responsibility. 

Accept defeat
Ahhh....A good old battle, a war of words if you like, I've never been one to back down from anything, even when I knew I've been in the wrong. I remember in my 20s when I worked in property, I had somewhat may call it a fiendish obsession with Greggs sausage rolls. I was not happy if I didn't have one, so strolling for my morning fix one day, I arrive at Greggs to order mummas baby (yeah, I'm that weirdo) to be told they had sold out, shut the front door they've only gone and bloody  'sold out, sold out' how dare they! I mean I've been out all night, still hungover and I've sauntered down here from the office and you've no sausages....poor thing, well not me, the poor staff after telling him the importance of providing sausages rolls as after all this is Greggs bread and butter. I stopped and laughed one because it was pathetic, two I did realise my unhealthy obsessions with scraps of pork, but ohh the pastry, the buttery pastry and thirdly I had to accept defeat and, take responsibility for me being rude and apologise. Letting things go, no matter the calorie content or big a small a matter may be, sometimes it is ok to accept defeat, riling yourself up and me looking like a twat will get me nowhere in life and you know walking away from a situation can be healthy for you and your soul, waistline too.

Step outside the box
Exactly that, put yourself in the other person's shoes, assess the situation from someone else point view and stop being selfish and put others first, take charge and accountability for your actions. 

Stop making excuses
Only you lose here, no one else. You miss out on new opportunities, friendships and experiences, so simply stop making excuses and accept responsibility for the situation at hand, after all, is it not a better you, better life, adventure, opportunities we all crave?!

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