Friday 13 April 2018

How To Eat Healthy On Holiday

One of the biggest hurdles we face whilst relaxing by the beach is finding good healthy food on holiday.

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, celebrated and lived up and I know that some fret about the new cuisine on offer, allergies, diets etc and most importantly eating healthy and me fitting into my new Warehouse maxi dress

Eating healthily whilst on holiday can be easily achieved and perfected to help maintain that perfect beach bod that you have been craving and working for no matter where you are or what tropical island you have whisked off too. 

Holiday booked thanks to Destination2  I've had to think how I and Leanora will, ok, ok mainly me will maintain a healthy diet, and in doing so it will all have to start at the beginning.......

I have to be organised at all times, especially now that I am a mother, but you can not help being stuck in traffic causing you delays and when arriving stopping at the first fast food restaurant you land at in the airport, but if you do, why not grab a yoghurt and a few nuts to keep you going rather than a fatty fast food snack, that will only end up bloating you.

Aeroplane food
Some airlines you can order before you board, giving you a better view of what is on offer on the flight, therefore being prepped and food ordered which will have you backing away from the trolly dollies.

Mini Bar
Step away from the mini bar, they are always loaded with snacks, most not healthy and a lot of calories and sugar inside. Rather get up venture out and check out the local shops to see what is on offer, great food, plus a walking work out too. 

I used to be a skipper, but that is not healthy and only leaves me crashing and snacking on crap throughout the day. Instead, load up on breakfast, your fruit, veg fill up on your 5 a day to keep you fuelled right up to lunch. 

Eat what the locals eat, be it fresh fish to grilled meats, after all, you do not want to miss out, but it will be fresher and lighter, then come dinner eat something lighter and greener, your gut will thank you for eating healthier and you won't go to bed with a heavy stomach, plus eating more for lunch will be a saving for you for later and allow you to survive the day longer. 

How do you eat healthily whilst on holiday?

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