Tuesday 24 April 2018

5 Ways To Maintain Your Health In Your 30s

Your 20s are for living it up and partying likes it's 1999, health and maintaining it was never on my agenda but is it in most 20 year olds, a big fat nope!

You can eat what you want, drink what you want with no consequences, but now that I'm in my 30s  I can no longer act or eat they way did in my 30s


Regrettably having to admit, my metabolism has slowed, I've gained extra weight, which I'm trying to currently shift, but I'm finding it hard a girl likes to eat! I'm all about that cosy cheesy carb life, yesterday I made a pot of mac n cheese and I can honestly say I tore it up and taken the last bit with me to work or, so by the time you've read this I would have scoffed the lot.

As much as I love to chow down have a glass of wine after a long night, I gotta take easy, I am not getting any younger, I'm edging closer to 40 and I've got to maintain my health in my 30s to have a longer life and having to teach myself the art of life, making me feel as though I need a physics tutor

Forever one for excuses as legitimate as they may be, such as work, single parent, pet owner, blog life, family life I, we have to stop making up excuses, the first step is always the hardest, but when you've taken that first step, no matter how big or small


Cut down on drinking
After a long day at work, Leanora in bed, I can tidy up the evening's mess and wash up the plates from dinner. I do like to soak in the bath with a glass of wine once all the chores are done. Whilst I like to have a glass most nights, it is not good for me or you, so I am cutting back and having a drink on a Friday to help me unwind I mean im not a total moron nor will I'll ever give up a nice tasty bottle of plonk, but cutting down will certainly keep me healthier and fitter for longer. 

Run more
I loved nothing more, pre-parenting than running, hitting the beaten path, finding new paths and getting lost in my own thoughts, with music from http://www.cheapvinyl.co.uk and pounding out all that fatigue from the day. Regrettably i've not been able to do this as of much being a single parent, working etc... You see what I am doing, making excuses. Well no way, I will try and manage my time better now that Leanora sees her father every other weekend, I'll be taking that time to get good run in. If you have help or a partner at home, get up an hour ealier, especially that the sun rises earlier and get some fresh air into those lungs, nothing screams healthier than starting the day with a good workout, plus I also recently invested in a new bike from Bike Discount UK 

Get to bed early
In order for me to feel great especially that I wake up at crazy hours in the morning, is making sure I get a good nights rest and an early one. I make sure before I leave the office I have a little todo list so that when I come home I can use my time wisely and get organised quicker in order for me to get a good nights rest making me feel healthier and refreshed in the morning. 

Invest in your skin
Now that I am older, I am trying to fight off the first signs of ageing and I am combating it with a few good investments buy beauty products. Whilst everyone's budget is different, nothing quite beats a good cleanser, serum and face cream being applied to your skin of a night, as well as hand cream, to keep hands soft and youthful. 

Healthy diet
When can not fight ageing and with that comes a slower metabolism, eyes and general health can be affected. I have changed up my diet, and gone for healthier choices and eating a lot less meat and I've also incorporated into my diet oat milk, a total game changer plus changing my diet has left me feeling less bloated, therefore allowing me to slip in to some new items from Rails Clothing as well as getting myself in for my health checks ups too.

Have you changed your lifestyle for healthier options, no matter your age, what have you been doing?

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