Wednesday 18 April 2018

Books To Love And Read In April

Okay, you guys, have any of you read the latest and last instalment of Judith Rashleigh's life, Ultima? If you have not you are totally missing out and I'll tell you why, in a moment....

Each month I am treating myself to some great reads, last months was insane, this month I am just topping myself with some gripping,  funny, erotically dark murderously thrilling reads and something light and good for the soul. 

All the best authors, know how to start off a good book, that one-liner, the first sentence is what draws me in, if I am not gripped or compelled, to sit on the floor in the bookstore it's getting tossed and I am moving on. Bookstores, library's since a young age have been my utopia, I love adventure, thrillers, poetry I love it all. I did forget how much so, with life in the way, but after reading sapiens, my brain craved for more knowledge, something shocking, funny, educational, thrilling reads and now you will not find me leaving the house without a good book in hand. 

I always found reading relaxes me, takes me from the days stresses or more likely prepares me for the day, be it on my commute to work, sneaking in a quick read here and there throughout the day On my way to meeting to meeting as I combat the traffic with Gett I feel uplifted, invigorated and I eagerly wait for more. 

Ultima, the last instalment of this trilogy of a good girl working in an art auction house, boring life, feeling undervalued at work, she bumps into an old school friend, becomes a hostess then her story takes a dark, exotic, luxurious, murderous twist throughout. Now, this is like a mash-up of 50 shades of grey meeting a deadly assassin. A total page turner that will want you craving for more and I have about 50 pages lefts and I just do not want it to end.

Having worked in property and knowing the realities we face within in property law, this book, Our House is one that promises from the offset to be a thrilling read. Trust me the first sentence will compel you to find out what happens when you buy your home, your home that you did not sell!!!!

The Hate U Give Us, a gripping book, based on the black lives matter movement. Angie Thomas, who witnessed the shooting of a dear unarmed friend by police, inspired her to write this compelling and inspiring novel.

Milk and Honey an insta famous book I've been meaning to sink my teeth into a beautiful collection of stories, to inspire, and to heal.

I will be on the hunt again this weekend for some new reads for next month, I'm thinking something inspirational, thrilling, historical maybe even parenting. Do you have any suggestions, or know of any books I should sink my teeth into?

Have you read any of these boos, what were your thoughts?

Happy reading 

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