Thursday 26 January 2017

Parenting Fears

What the bloody hell am I doing, is it right is it wrong?! These are the fears every parent has.

For those thinking it's a breeze (parenting), it truly is not! Since I've become a parent anxiety has gone into over drive and I hate it, I wake up in he middle of the night, thinking crap, did I leave Leanora somewhere, did I pick her up from nursery, is she even in the house?I am happy to say I can breathe a sigh of relief when I hear her snoozing next to me or when I realise I can not get up because she lying across my chest and I can't lift my head.

Not to drone on, but as a single parent I feel it can be a little bit extra hard as I truly think is she flourishing, is she learning to the best of her abilities am I providing enough for her to succeed as a little lady, am I giving her the right food, right choices even in life, could she, I, we be better if she came from a two parent home?!

But any parent lone or not, the moment we give birth, that first little cry, well it took Leanora a few minutes as little miss nosey pants was eyeballing everyone in the room. This is when the so called parenting fear begins. Fear in a sense of, food, clothes, home, education, lifestyle me as a role model am I the best person for my child? These are the parenting fears, in which I face.

Does the parenting fear ever relax, who knows, but what I can say, successfully todate may I add, that she is truly happy, healthy and loving life! Don't get me wrong she has her moments, like any other human being and animal (can't forget Milo) but what I do know is, is that parenting fears doesn't just stop at the age of 18, I'm 32 and I probably still freak out my mother and father.

There is no right or wrong way, just the way that makes things right, as long as you are giving your child choices, the right choices and tools to get through life then you are on to a winner and I/we just have to remember that you are doing a good job and the best that you can.

Have you suffered with anxiety, since becoming a parent? Have you faced certain parenting dilemmas before, how did you deal with it?

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London Mumma xx


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