Monday 2 January 2017

Motherhood Monday: Behind The Scenes, Christmas Photo

Happy New Years guys, how was everyone's crimbo and New Years? Did you all eat until stuffed and couldn't get up off the sofa, argued over monopoly??? Yes of course you did lol!

Well if you follow me on Instagram you guys would of seen Leanora, Milo and my Christmas picture we sent out wishing you all a fab day. What o wanted to do after looking back through all our photos is show you what us bloggers go through just to take one bloody good photo. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Hilarious right lol! I thought you might like a good ol chuckle this New year. I thought Milo was going to bite my face off a one point, poor thing, if he is not getting held (clearly against his will) for a photo opp, then Leanora is walking around the house holding him in a headlock you may remember from my 10 Things I never thought I'd say post or pushing him around in her toy buggy.

Do you have an family photos or funny stories, in the name of getting that perfect picture? Would love to hear and please leave your comments below!

If out, happy shopping in the sales, if not let's put our feet up and watch the New Years movies.

London Mumma x

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