Tuesday 10 January 2017

Beauty & Go: Feed Your Skin

As you know I am on a major health kick this January and why I am taking care of myself with loads of beauty products, some from my amazing MINTD BoxI can not forget about taking care of my inside and what better way to take care of my insides, by a little help with my skin energising drinks from Beauty & Go.

They come in four fab flavours each tailored to suit your skins needs. All four are jam packed with equal amounts of bioactive beauty ingredients, all designed to help boost and plump your skin from MacroAntioxidants, collagen to hyaluronic acid. Beauty & Go was created by two Spanish companies combining their forces and knowledge, A) of the beauty sector and the other B) a leader in the beverage sector. So when Beauty & Go got in contact, I knew I just had to give these Bio Active Beauty drinks a go, curiosity got me and I am intrigued! Can you drink your way into beautiful glowing glamazon skin? I do not know, but I do feel beauty drinks are the natural progression in the beauty world and I want to guzzle it all and let you know how I get on!

But first, let me tell you one thing! I am never one to rush a post, just to get it out, I really like to put products through their paces, that way I can give a fair and honest review, so here is what I thought of the four beauty drinks on offer.

I Started with Skin Vitality, a blend of pineapple, ginkgo balboa and guarana! Unsure of the the latter, so I switched on to good ol Google to find out, that it is a plant grown and found in the Amazon, it cab used in a tea, which can help with weight loss and reduce fatigue. I think the main ingredient for this flavour is the guarani! Guarani is a natural booster to help you keep energised for longer, where caffeine is more of a quick hit and too much can be bad for you, but as guarana is a natural substance it will keep you and your body energised for longer and it certainly made me feel a bit perkier.

I took this one to bed, not knowing it is actually for nighttime! Skin Revive a concoction of pomegranate, raspberry and persimmon all magically whisked up to help generate firmness within the skin, I noticed after 8-10 days, that I woke up feeling more firmer in the face and neck too, even a little more alive (even at 5am) 

I put these two together, as I had to save the best till last and could not make the call for which it should be, so I am just going to tell you about them both together! I loved these both equal amounts,l but for different times, Skin Brilliance great post workout drink I would happily keep this stocked all day everyday in my fridge, you feel more alert after having this, it is lighter than Revive and Vitality that is from the red grape, rosehip and persimmon infusion. Skin Detox, love, love, love! Now I was a tad scared trying this as I've had drinks with spirulina algae and its not tasted great, but I have to say I finished the beaut in moments, great after a night out and need a little revive and get all those toxins out of your system or even if you are feeling a little sluggish it will certainly pick you up. 

Great to incorporate in to a healthy diet, perfect for January as this is when we all go nuts and work out like mad women/men! Do I feel they really work, well yes and no, no as I think it is a longterm thing minimum of 2 months to see results and I only had a month! Yes, as I am just been greedy and I felt the results I felt energised and you got to take care of your insides to be able to glow on the outside! But no matter what they certainly are great source of hydration, easily affordable priced at £2.99, you can buy in bulk from Beauty & Go.

Have you tried any beauty drinks, what are your thoughts? Cheers to beauty and health.

London Mumma xx


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