Monday 9 January 2017

Motherhood Monday: Potty Mouth Mumma

Now, we all know the phrase shits kids say, but what about s**t parents say!

So a total cock up on my behalf the other day, I went to pick Leanora from nursery, as per usual she didn't want to put her coat on, finally she agreed, only by the bribery of buying a few packs of Tsum Tsum stickers, but being Miss Independent, she didn't need Mumma's help. Somewhat struggling yet determined to get it on, out of frustration she shouted out at the top of lungs 'F**K sake' I thought to myself, but wait did I hear right, she just did not say that! I told her off calmly, as I find if you are too stern, she/children will only repeat it again!

What got me was, is that this is actually my fault, she had to of heard it from somewhere, and that somewhere was from me! 2 nights ago, whilst walking around the bed I clipped my baby toe on the side of the bed, we've all been there and know that agony, the pain rippling through you and you feel you may just pass out! That's where it came from, not me just walking around saying it willy nilly FYI!

Being only two years old, she is so impressionable, she will soak up everything like a sponge and then repeat what she has heard, so I have to be extremely careful in what phrases come out, but now being a Mumma with a potty mouth, I have had to restrain and say things such as, for fudge-sticles sake!

Now I am not here to tell anyone what words to use around their children, but it caught me totally off guard, especially considering how old Leanora is! But what surprised me even more, after I told Leanora that was a bad word, literally on my life we got to the top of the road, opposite the newsagent and a mother across the road, with her 3 children (2 boys and a girl) One boy was clearly upset and in distressed scream at the top of his lungs (YOU FUCKING IDIOT) I could not believe it, here were these angelic children, clearly all aged 9 and upwards and this boy was effing and jeffing!

I must confess, I did kind of laugh, reason being, this mother was just totally caught off guard and this happened to me less than 30 seconds ago! As the mother screamed at the boy and telling him to wait until  his father got home and he is going straight to his room, he continued his tirade towards his brother saying how he was 'fucking winding him up' I then chuckled and I got caught by the boys mother, it was not that I thought what he said was funny, but more to the point that I knew what she was going through and I felt at least I was not on my bloody own, I gave her a reassuring smile, and she reciprocated the understanding gesture. 

Don't get me wrong I do not walk around the house swearing, unless a toe is banged or when I got my hand stuck in the sash window and had to pry it open with a screwdriver! But I have to, we have to as parents, work extra hard at being careful with the vocabulary we use, as I am sure that you/we do not want to have potty mouth children. We just have to remember that our little people are taking new information in and the only repeat what they hear!

Have you royally cocked up and let out a curse word, in front of your munchkins? (Sound like my mum curse word!) Have you heard them swear, how did you handle it?

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London Mumma xx


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