Wednesday 3 October 2018

Autumn Reads

With pumpkin spice lattes adorning coffee shops, leaves are turning into golden hues, the air a bit crisper you know that you have arrived in the Autumnal months, with that comes cosy cashmere knits, blankets and of course delightful new reads.

This month I've got two new favourites that I suggest curling up on the sofa to read.

Bad Blood, A really well written eloquent book, that I simply could not put down. Filled with murder, memory loss, twists and turns, Bad Blood will keep you guessing all the way through to the end, a great page-turner about a dying man seeking answers from a psychologist, wanting to remember and know answers about a bloody night where he woke to find a murdered woman in his hotel room, how did he get there, who is this woman......

Circe, a mythological story of a lesser god Circe, who is banished to a remote Island which she may never leave, as ordered by Zeus and her father, the God, Helios. Circe was not born with any powerful powers like her father or beauty like her mother, she was a strange outcast, destined for not much until she finds a mortal to love, to keep and claim as her own. This love makes Circe realise that she has a witching power, does it work in her favour!

Did you read these, how did you get on, what did you think?

London Mumma


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