Tuesday 2 October 2018

3 Of The Best Nuxe Skincare Products For The Autumnal Weather

It's officially Autumn, you can feel the chill in the air the moment you wake up, extra layering is required, from cosy knits to heavier jackets to heavier moisturises and skincare needed.

With the change in weather, your skin needs boosting as it becomes more dryer and dehydrated than usual, we've all been there with our lips craving moisture from chapping, a heavier face cream to give you that extra glow through the bitter cold times. 

No one wants to walk around with chapped lips, it is literally the worst thing ever, we all want the perfect pout, in order to get that and combat this weather, you got to get those lips looking just right! Personally I am not a lipstick wearer, still trying to find that right shade, but for those that do and do not want flaky peeling lips with lipstick on, I would certainly recommend investing in Nuxe lip balm to prep and bring moisture into your lips, the botanical oils to lock in the moisture and honey will help rejuvenate, nourish and repair chapped lips. This is a great size to fit into your handbag and certainly would recommend using all year round. The texture is great, it simply just melts into your lips and leaves it silky smooth and feeling uplifted thanks to the subtle hint of grapefruit. 

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This balm is insane, it literally melts into your skin. This balm also from the RĂªve de Miel collection is for the face and body, but I like to keep it as a treat for my face, but another bonus is, is that it is paraben free and I can also use it on Leanora too, perfect for the whole family and children over 3 years of age! Leanora suffers from eczema and this time of year, is when it can flare up quite badly, so thanks to the 6 botanical oils, honey and Shea butter, it locks in the moisture and keeps our skin nourished all day. 

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My legs, in particular, get extremely dry in the colder months as well as my body being very sensitive, this cream does not irritate it. We all have different skin types and it is so important on finding what works for you and your skin, but I whole hardheartedly cannot recommend this cream enough, it absorbs into the skin immediately, which is great and is non-greasy better for you and your clothes, plus the smell is incredible and so calming. 


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