Tuesday 9 October 2018

2 Simple Steps To Help You Stick To A Plan

I always end up deviating on plans, be it New Year's resolutions, Stoptober, to pushing goals to the wayside for other things that I feel is more important at the time. What is important is those plans that we make, those goals that make us happy, nothing wrong with making your dreams a reality.

Life always throws a curve ball, just because it can, but it is how you manoeuvre that curveball back in to play that counts and setting that plan back into motion! 

It's official, I am putting my plans back into action and I couldn't be happier about it and you can too. Positivity is key in situations like this, but at times its negativity that can set those wheels back in motion, it did for me, use it to your advantage to kickstart that positive plan back into action.

Weigh up now, against later
It is so easy to put something off until later and later never happens, to arranging that play date, booking yourself into the dentist, meeting with the bank, to answering that email on time. But think about it, and weigh up those options, how does putting something off until tomorrow, the day after or next week make you feel? SHIT! Am I right? It takes you one step backwards to achieving that plan and hell to the no, should we be doing that, it's about getting your big girl/boy pants on and taking that step now. DO IT!

Set that goal
Go back to the drawing board, or Pinterest board to give you that push to keep you on track, it's a great, no, positive reminder as to why you are taking the necessary steps, no matter how out there they may seem, just remember to have fun. You can add to it, mark it off, being able to visualise something helps put things and your mindset into perspective to get yourself organised and keep you on a steady track to then plan.

No drawing board or Pinterest, then get yourself a diary, nothing better than being able to carry something around with you, day in and day out which is super easily accessible to help you push yourself further in order to achieve your plan.

London Mumma


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