Friday 12 October 2018

This Month's Netflix Original's To Watch This Weekend

It's Fri-Yyay and for the London Mumma household, that means a night to Netflix and Chill! If you are planning on taking it easy and chilling at home this weekend or even have a sleepover, we have got some great movies and shows to kick back too. 

Friday's are great, as that is when the latest shows and movies get added on. We have been loving Netflix originals for a little while now and the recent few that we have been watching have not disappointed. 

So I suggest for a cosy night in grab some funfetti popcorn and some Chinese wings to chow down on, cosy blanket and relax.

13 Reasons
The girls in the office have been banging on about this show for ages, how amazing it was and how it highlighted mental health and felt since they have watched the show, that they or people they know have been able to speak more openly about what they are feeling. 

Angry Birds
Since going to Chessington, Leanora and myself cannot get enough of these funny little guys. A great fun filled movie about green piggies trying to steal the bird's eggs for the king to eat. A great family movie.

Travels With My Father
This brilliant documentary starring Jack Whitehall and his father is utterly hilarious. The first season starts with Jack's father accompanying Jack around Asia on Jack's gap year, but Jacks father an uptight hilarious foul mouth 70-year-old man, has a few choice words for Jack. This season sees the tables turned where Jack's father takes the reigns and Jack accompanies his father on a tour around Europe, expect freakish dolls, that become apart of the family, a lot of lol, and nudity.

Somewhere Between
Now if you are looking for an amazing nail-biting binge, then Somewhere Between is your show, it literally just came out this week and I watched it in mere hours, I even woke up last night at 11am to watch an episode, only to watch the whole series until 4:20am this morning, downside, I had to be up at 5:30 am. Clearly, that shows you it is that good a must watch this weekend.

Next Gen
This is our family movie tonight, an animation about a little girl, who has recently lost her father, growing up as a young teen with no friends can be tough, that is until she finds herself in a lab where she should not be and awakes a robot, who follows her home. About love and friendship and support and I can not wait to curl up and watch this later. 

What are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below. 

London Mumma


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