Wednesday 10 October 2018

6 Ways To Enjoy Your Period

Ladies, let us take a minute here to come together and admit, we all hate our periods. That monthly devil creeps upon us, whilst at times it is a treat to of swung by, it can also be frustrating. 

Menstrual cycle! I just cringe on hearing the word, as I know, I am about to bloat like a mo fo! My hormones are all over the place, moods swings here I come! As well as our skin taking a little hit, along with the pain that can at times be a little crippling, to add final insult to injury the heavy flow is a burden to much to bare at times. 

Do not let being on your cycle stop you from getting in a workout. I can honestly say, when I have been on my period, I've felt like a fat slug and there was nothing in the world that I dreaded more than knowing that I had to go and work out. It is unfortunate that I felt like that, but I get my mind right and think what my end goal is and that is to have a flat tum, so regardless of feeling sluggish I know at the end of that work out I feel great and knowing that my cycle has not held me back I feel even better, so I always stick to a plan and back my kit and go.  

Step away from the junk food
Give me all the chocolate, and crisps that I can get my hands on to make me feel good and give me a little comfort, sure it is easy just to nip to the shop or order takeaway but remember all those fatty, salty foods will only leave you feeling worse. Get yourself organised, have a planner and even meal prep for the week you know you are going to be due on. Another great way to eat healthily and to keep on track, is if you have a friend that has the same cycle as you or not, having a support buddy to check on you is great, plus if you cave in you can blame them!

Whilst it may be a normal morning routine, mediating can be done at any point of the day, no matter where you are, be it on the tube (god knows we need to be doing it, in rush hour)

As our bodies go through changes and are hormones are bouncing around, it is so important to take care of our skin and maintain its glow. Drinking lots of water to help it keep plump and a good facial be it a fancy smancy treat or an at home pampering session is in order.

Time For Tea
We all wish for a genie to grant our wishes to help reduce the bloat that can come along with our cycle, but whilst there is no genie nor am I claiming to be one, I find that fresh cut ginger in a hot cup of water, reduces my bloat and stomach fatigue and I certainly recommend giving it a go, doesn't work at least you gotta a nice cup in hand.

Bridget Jones it 
I have to confess I love a big knicker, there is nothing cosier than a nice pair of big knickers, comfort is key and this is the way to go, with so many great styles and shapes for all out there I totally recommend it and rock it like you just don't care. 

What are your PMS remedies or cures? I would love to hear in the comments below. 

London Mumma


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