Monday 6 August 2018

5 Steps For A Perfect Week

Happy Monday! I just had the best weekend ever with Leanora, we went to Thorpe Park with my mother, it was a great way to relive my youth with my daughter and have some outdoor adventure fun. The sun was shining, we stuffed our face with nachos, slushies, whilst racing on the water slides.

Back to reality and back to work for us all, Monday's may be our most busiest of days, racing out the home to start the day, getting back into a routine can be tough, as we're coming down from the weekend fun.

Mondays can certainly be frustrating, we start off by hitting the snooze button on repeat not wanting to get out of bed and face the world or more importantly the commute to work as we know, Monday's is far more hectic than other days, but Monday's certainly do not have to be the hardest or busiest days with a little perfect planning.

Make it fun
Monday's should be your most productive day, get your self-organised for the week and organise something fun, be it a work out session, something that I am doing each Monday with Class Pass. Not up to a work out this week, then why not binge watch my new fave show on Netflix that I just discovered Girl Boss or Good Girls after work

Tuesday Dress To Impress
Make your Tuesday an impressive one! Most morning's we roll out of bed, struggle on what to wear and end up not feeling comfortable on what we found in the dark, so why not treat your self to a new linen blazer, perfect for this heat wave, wear with a dress, or pair with some shorts for a casual Friday.

Wind Down Wednesday
Take it easy and spoil your self, be it with a stroll into work, a mid-week beauty pamper sesh, to even ordering your Friday nights take out on a Wednesday, your halfway through your week, you deserve a treat.

Thursday Thoughts
Take time to think and plan your weekend and practice a little self-love, what better way to kick off your self-love day, than by buying a book that inspires, drives and uplifts you, such as The Secret.

Funday Friday
They do not call it funday Friday for nothing, so enjoy it! You deserve a break after a long working week. At times whilst it is hard to leave the office, you have to switch off, if like me with kids, get the rents to help out and have them for the night and head out for after work drinks with colleagues for a catch-up and a gossip. 

How do you plan your perfect week?

London Mumma

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