Thursday 16 August 2018

Getting Fit With Esquared

Whether you are new to working out or an old pro or looking to join a class and find new techniques to keep your body guessing, I highly recommend turning your attention and signing up with Esqaured.

Now I'll be honest I have not worked out in a long time, I mean what just over 3 years now. Since having Leanora I attended a few buggy and mummy work out classes with the NCT gals, but 9 months later and returning to work, I found it less difficult to work out, whilst some gyms have creche inside, I just can't leave my daughter with any and anyone.

Leanora now 4 years old, starting school in a matter of weeks and my home and work life balance has found it's easy groove, plus being primarily located in the city where there are an abundance of new and old gyms, there are no excuses for me not to go. 

A girlfriend from work was always asking me to go and if truth be told I always found an excuse, heck any even just to not go, but always promising that I would! But simply put I was not yet ready, whilst I knew I needed to work out, I was not feeling great and knew that I could be healthier, had to be healthier not just only for me but my daughter too, plus sitting at an office desk for 8-12 hours eating mac n cheese and running from meeting to meeting is not ideal, nor is the running around proper exercise.

Whilst classes and monthly gym memberships can become extremely costly, classes local to you may not be ideal, thinking would I make it in time, what if my train is delayed, can I do it in my lunch break, with certain subscription packages can I do a variety of classes, all of these comes to mind and thinking about it alone is enough to put anyone off, so I did just that, that was until Esquared got in touch. 

I always ran before I became pregnant, twice a day some days 4-5 days a week, I tried the gym but they were not fun and I felt very self-conscious, then when I fell pregnant, I could not for obvious reasons, run so I turned to pregnancy yoga and Pilates and loved every minute of it, my body too. I continued as I had said for a short period after giving birth, but never took to it again. 

So when Esquared got in touch about this app, that lets you know all about the gym and 100's of classes on offer in your CURRENT location I was thrilled, especially as there are loads close to where I work and home, so if I felt like I wanted to look up, yoga, Pilates, my new fave box fit, ass and abs and pillar killer (don't ask, I thought I was gonna die, but I'm booked back to do it next week) I could just do so, buy easily buying credit and if I wanted a class today, tomorrow or for even in a few days time, I could easily book myself in, and with the filter of the type of class I was looking for I could book myself in with a few easy taps and off I go. 

If you are not looking for class, the Esquared app will find gyms close to your location, so if you are looking for more of an intense work out on your own for a spot of weightlifting, it is all there and easily accessible, plus they have gyms and classes starting off from as little as £5. Another bonus and certainly my fave feature about Esquared is that there is no joining fee, just simply pay as you wanna work out.  

Since starting my fitness journey with Esquared just over a month now, I've totally been bitten by the fitness bug, I go to a class at least twice a week, before or after work and sometimes cheekily in my lunch break, where I've been able to find 30-minute work out classes.

A major thanks to Esquared for getting me back on track and god knows you've changed my life for the better and they can change yours too, make sure to download the app, here if you have Apple or Google Play sign up and maybe I'll see you at the next class.

London Mumma

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