Wednesday 8 August 2018

2 Worthy Books To Read This Month

Can anyone tell I love books? No then we're you have you been and catch up on my favourite monthly book reads.

This is month my line up is small, I revisited a book that I was reading when I was first pregnant and did not complete as I missed placed it, thanks to pregnancy brain, but recently snapped back up and  within 24 hours I tucking back into to The Goldfinch thanks to Amazon Prime's super fast delivery along with Mumboss, from the lovely Vicki Psarias who is the blogger behind Honest Mum. 

After posting my July Summer reads over on the Honest Mum group on Facebook last month, Vicki recommended that I read her book and I am so glad that she did. Being a working mother of 1 and a cat, Milo, balancing work life can be a little tricky more so that I am a single parent and now that my daughter is about to start school this September life is going to get a little bit busier, but after reading the Mumboss I felt more empowered than I have in a long time, proving that hard work, focus and a lot of planning you can do it, single parent or not! Just because you've had a kid or two, does not mean you have to just succumb to that, you are someone before and after and with a lot of hard work you can turn your dreams know matter how big or small in to a reality, Mumboss is packed with loads of great advice, for those looking to get or already in the digital world and a book that I certainly recommend reading.

The Goldfinch, where do I start with this mammoth book, a tale of love, loss, crime you name it, this book has it all. It starts with Theo as a man in Amsterdam and few pages in, throws you to a young Theo going to a museum with his mother before her tragic death, he leaves the wreckage with a painting a talisman if you like, and I have to say the painting does really exist in real life. A story about a young boy growing up and trying to find his identity as a man with loss. This book deservedly won many prizes including the Pulitzer and it will be a winner on your must read this month. 

What are you reading this month? Let us know in the comments below!

London Mumma

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