Monday 13 August 2018

3 Things To Do When You Are Having A Bad Day

There are times when we wake up for no apparent reason just in a bad mood or a little sad, totally unexplainable! Whilst tomorrow is a new day and you know you will feel better then, what's important is how you are feeling and coping today, the day that you are in a funk. 

Whilst it sucks being in this oh-my-gosh-the-world-is-coming-to-an-end space space that I would never wish upon anyone, but, if you are, these are some useful tips to ease that pain and lift your mood.

Work Out
Work it out guys! Nothing more invigorating and great for the mind, body and spirit than a little intense work out. Be it in a bad mood because of a relationship, the kids getting on your tits, workload is manic or your going through a sticky situation, instead of bottling up those negative feelings, punch, stretch or HIIT it out at the gym or sign up to a class, not a fan of classes on your own grab some of the girl gang and have fun with it. 

To rid that doom and gloom, I like to find a quiet place for 10-15 minutes, 5 minutes if I am strapped for time and at work and really need to clear my head, I head to the bathroom to get my thoughts together, close my eyes and woosa it out when I am in a stressful situation and need a clear mind. Nothing wrong with taking a moment for yourself to get things in order. 

Nothing better than reading to broaden the mind and to get lost in a good book to lift the spirits. Any time I need a distraction from my own negative thoughts and bad mood, I pick up a worthy book to help digest and refresh my mind, be it a self-help, to help get to grips with my emotions or a selection of reads that I buy each month.

How do you  cope with a bad mood? Would love to hear your comments below!

London Mumma

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