Friday 29 April 2016

Aesop Travel Jet Set Kit

I am off on holiday soon and I have been on the hunt for a travel kit.

I found this beauty in Aesop priced at £27.00, it is from my favourite range, the Geranium collection. The smell just does something to me, it is so indulgent and luxurious and I squeal with delight over time it wafts past my nose.

I rocked up to the Westfields branch a few days ago, Leanora it tow. The clerk showed me the travel kits on offer, this and the Parsley Seed a larger travel kit £50.00 then what I went for. I much prefer the Geranium collection.

Leanora was out of the buggy and wanting to dart off... I made quick decisions and made a quick payment before I could find out about their cleansers and toners, but I certainly plan on returning for this.

I arrived home and could not wait just to smell my new little treats (am I weirdo for loving to smell them... Probably!)

I opened the box to which it contained my treats to find 4 little treasures.

1. Classic shampoo

2. Classic conditioner

3. Geranium Leaf body cleanser

4. Rind body concentrate balm

Upon opening and inspecting, my first thoughts were OMG I have gone to scent heaven, but on closer inspection and from the guidance of the clerk I was slightly disappointed to see that the supposed Geranium collection only had one Geranium product.

I suppose all in all it is fine as I adore anything from Aesop, but still somewhat bummed nonetheless.

I am very much looking forward to you using these products on holiday, as it always such a pain in lumbering and packing different types of products, where even though this did not come in its own pouch, it is secure in the box it came in.

What is your favourite range from Aesop?

London Mumma xx



  1. i havent tried the brand Aesop so i was keen to read your review on them. Geranium is a big hit for me so will be thinking about this for my next purchase.x

    1. I certainly recommend giving them a go, such a great brand. Let me know if you purchase anything from Aesop, believe me you shall not regret it. x


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