Saturday 9 April 2016

The Bloggers Hangout - Tea Party

I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to my first Bloggers Tea Party at the Pop up Patio on Monday, hosted by The Bloggers Hangout.

It was a lovely evening spent mingling amongst other lovely bloggers.

You were greeted by some really amazing natural healthy brands, my first stop instinctively may I add was The Cocoa Den.

I chatted away with the lovely Kate Burton, who hand makes these beautiful chocolate delights.

She hand crafts these beautiful creations, my favourite were of the skulls, but I loved the detail in the pineapples. She had lovely hand rolled truffles on offer, I did sneakily try a few I was quite tempted to pour the whole tray in my bag or mouth, but did not think it would go down so well with my fellow bloggers as I am sure they enjoyed them as much as I did.

I wandered over to the next table as to where I meet the lovely Joe from Just Bee Drinks he comes from 3 generations of bee keepers.

I tried all three flavours on offer ranging from Blueberry, Apple & Ginger and my particular favourite Lemon & Green Tea. They are all extremely fresh and leave you feeling very nourished, they are a healthier take on flavoured water.

I was gifted the Lemon & Green Tea flavour so that I could share with Leanora, well I would say share but she pretty much guzzled it down, to which she then asked for more, which I unhappily declined and told her mummy does not have any more, but I certainly plan to stock up on these, they are a great alternative for kids, especially with all these carbonated drinks and super sweet and sugary drinks out there.

I was then treated to a delightful pot of Pics Peanut Butter, which is ever so tasty and made from Australian nuts, but the peanut butter is made in New Zealand! Reason being that they are unable to grow these peanuts as they are naturally bred and contain a fatty acid similar to olive oil and can only grown in Australia.

I shall be making a yummy desert with the pot, which I shall be sure to post on the blog soon for you lovelies.

Now I am no mead or even beer or cider drinker, but damn this was one fine drink! The mead is infused with honey and made in Latvia. I can certainly say a few of these can leave you feeling very warm and  slightly tipsy, but brilliant to have in the summer months.

Before I left I had a quick gander at all the other amazing brands in the venue, but I just had to stop off at the Bio-Tiful Dairy stand this yummy organic cultured/fermented milk drinks have great healthy benefits such as help improving digestion and even your immune system from a little help with the friendly, natural bacteria and vitamin B contained in the bottle. I actually had mine the next day with my brekkie, a brilliant alternative to milk and I must say it went down a treat.

All in all not a bad way to start a brilliant week.

London Mumma. xx


  1. nice post and pictures ! I was there too, I am going to post mine tonight I think :)

    1. Hopefully at the next event, we can meet up :-) Have a fabulous weekend. xx


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