Monday 25 April 2016

Lunching at The Ivy Chelsea Garden


Round and round the garden like a teddy bear! One step, two step race you all the way there.

I made that last bit up!

I have been dying to head to The Ivy Chelsea Garden for a while and now the weather has perked up or so I thought  I have brilliant reason to go and enjoy the beautiful decor, plus the yummy food.

On arrival I was greeted by the lovely hostesses who wore these cute green dresses and showed me to our table, where may I add that I waited 20 minutes for my date to show up, but all was forgiven after all she is preggers and managed to waddle on down here.

We started with the a side of Zucchini Friti which is my food heaven, I literally can not get enough of these, what was even better we received a momentous amount piled up in a basket, we literally went hands in not using the tongs.

For the mains, Winx ordered the Baked rigatoni Proven├žale which I tasted and it was good, not great and I went with the Grilled chicken salad. Unfortunately, my salad came with a vast amount of chopped coriander which it does not tell you on the menu, and I  absolutely, vehemently detest to which lead me being unable to eat it, but a quick chat with the Maitre D' and he whisked my plate happily away and returned with a freshly cooked no coriander in site salad.

The food in all was pretty standard I certainly had higher hopes for The Ivy Chelsea Garden, but this was made up by the lovely friendly staff and the stunning decor.

Would I return yes, but only because I wish I had ordered the scallops, the table next to me had ordered these and they looked Ah-mazing, plus I have heard good things about brunch and of course for the staff.

London Mumma. x


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