Friday 24 September 2021

Where To Eat In London

If you enjoy dining out with family and friends, then you are in the right place, Leanora and I have found no! Tried and tested some great eateries in London and we are sharing with you lovely lot some of our favourite places to eat in London! Each spot you guys must put on your To Do List and go and visit and with no sign of rain this weekend, why not head on out and try a few........lets get started shall we!!

For those that know us and know us well we are major noodle and ramen fans, we stock up at least once a week on loads of ramen for the Asian and Korean supermarkets and guaranteed no matter the weather we will be slurping up a big bowl. Last weekend we had a little mooch around central London to go shopping and pick up some new Autumnal pieces. A lot of shopping = two hungry piggies. I asked Leanora what would she like, pretty sure it  was a silly question, she simply said ramen! Right mum mode on, boosted up google maps in search for the closest ramen bar, low and behold muggings is standing right outside Tonkotsu, Soho. It was busy, but we headed straight inside and sat at the bar, perused the menu, well I literally devoured the thing and ordered, I went for the Chilli Chicken Ramen and Leanora had the Cheeky chicken kids bento box. honest to god I literally inhaled the chilli chicken ramen and it was gone in seconds, the broth was nice and light and packe a punch and I didn't need to add anything to it, it was just right! I asked Lenaora how her Katsu bento box was going, she was like 'look mum, I scoffed the whole lot - round 2?' The food was so good we didn't even have a chance to drink our drinks, we had two Yuzu Lemonades and oh my this has to be my favourite drink to date, plus the whole thing was super affordable and cost me less than £25 to feed the both of us, I highly recommend this place for the ramen / noodle lovers.

The newest craze to hit London from Korea, is the korean corn dog, from Bunsik - a short walk from Leciester Square station, when we arrived or should I say any time we've arrived there is always a queue, but fret not the queue goes down super quick, its deciding which to go for which is the issue, but the friendly staff are on hand and offer their recommendations. These super tasty, super cheesy corn dogs start from £4.00 and I personally recommend the potato mozzarella and Leanora, Beef hotdog as long as i've got the potato mozarella.  

We all head to the one in Westfield, this is where i first discovered Pastaio and I must confess minus the lobster, we have eaten the whole menu, its great for friends and family sharing, the plates are small enough to get a few and the staff are ever so lovely every time to we come and there is nothing better than eating fresh pasta, with fresh ingredients! Just be prepared to roll out its that good and head home to snooze!

Now this beauty is right on our doorstep in the heart of Clapham Junction, hands down we are there every week without fail, be it Friday after school or on a Saturday, ok even Sunday when we grab our Sunday dinner from the shops. They make the pizza fresh everyday right there in front of you and this pizza for a good ol slice starts from £2.00! Bargain or what, we always have the mozzarella and mushroom with ham! The only bad thing I can honestly say about this place, is that they dont open on Monday. they also serve fresh focaccia you can pick up early in the morning if your lucky, loads of sarnies and the fattest doughnuts in the world, plus the staff are wicked also. 

Leanora is not a fan of burgers what so ever, but we come to Halo in Brixton and she is alll over it, I mean she loves it so much, even when we got to Brighton she rather have a burger than fish n chips! I've never seen her eat so quick. These tasty vegan burgers are heavenly and I would happily eat one anytime of the day, give me their Halo Fries too and i'll happily eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

Now listen, I love a good Cantonese dish, but this is next level!  I can not remember where I heard about Three uncles, but let me tell you, Three Uncles offer the tastiest Cantonese-style roast meat, noodles & dim sum. I always go for the duck and rice and this bad boy for £10.50 can feed an entire family, the duck is just simply melt in the mouth out of this world and there sauce, do not get my started! The plum sauce is mind blowing and you know it does not come out of no bottle,  I know this bad boy is home made, the time and effort gone in to this whole dish is epic. You can find Three uncles nestled on a side road in Liverpool Street, Devonshire Row and certainly worth a visit. 

Well, there you go a few places to kick start off your weekend, have you been to any you guys have any recommendations? Fret not we are back out this weekend, scoffing our faces all for you guys. We will be back soon with more London eats! As always you got any great spots you would like for us to check out, then hit me up in the comments below.

Happy Friday and happy eating. 

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