Thursday 2 September 2021

Back To Work Essentials

Hey friends! Lindsey here, what can I say, but I have returned back to work, after my some time off for the summer holiday.

Summer is finally winding down and the new Autumnal season is fast approaching.Getting ready to hang up all my summer dresses and linen skirts, and time for the autumnal tones, suits and blazers and a little intricate light layering to come back out.

As you all know new seasons and years bring new inspiration, to colours and cuts and I have to confess this transtiont time has to be my favourite, whilst still not cold, you can mix and match fabrics, whilst still getting you legs out before you have to fully layer up, plus you can still get away with for the moment a little injection of colour from your summer palette. 

For me right now, it is still not coat weather, but a good blazer and an obvious must have trench coat is key and I have my eye on a few, not only for me to wear to the office, but on the weekend also, I always think about cost per wear, I am a little frugal, especially as I am a parent and I've kid who kills me for Robux and Vbux!!!! Don't ask... But with these items, are the perfect layering essential, especially as half my summer pieces I did not get to wear, like most of us I am sure.

Suits a must this year and this year I am going a little further with a cute three piece suit! I have never been one to shop in a charity shop until recently! A new girl who has just joined my team, every lunch time I kid you not comes in with bags full of fab new pieces, she literally spends her whole lunch hour in the few charity shops that line our office street, sandwich and all and comes back with a range of goodies. Giving me a thrill and feeling slightly left out I headed to the charity shop directly across from my office and bagged myself a gorgeous navy wool waistcoat, which I plan on wearing with a grey suit that I too have been eyeing up.  A suit which has not been required for some time this past 18 months, will now be very much apart of my polished back to work look which I will be embracing fully.

Knitwear, what can I say I love it, it's cosy, it can be light and heavy it can come in various colours and prints and I am here for it. I have a few pieces that I've eyed up, especially a few lighter co-ord pieces to ease me in to Autumnal months, from Mango, Na-kd and & Other Stories, whilst some may be back in the office, this are a few that can work just as well if you are working at home. 

I must confess I am a big shoe lover, but as soon as I get to my desk, off they pop! If they are certainly off at my desk, you know I mean business. Hence why I have vast selection, my school drop off kicks, to my business shoes to the cheeky fluffy 3 pairs of slippers that I have in my bottom desk drawer and my Friday night shoes. The one thing the IT guys hate the most, is if I have to relocate, as I always have at least 2 boxes full of shoes, boots, trainers and slippers you gotta have options, you never know what occasions can spring up on you!

Just like my shoes, I need some serious good arm candy in various shapes and sizes! My go to are Radley, Arket, Cos, Mango, NA-KD and something a little more out there with a pop of colour, I head off to ASOS. Depending on the day, I will need a really good and large sturdy bag if I am out and about on sites and at any given time, I can hold upto 20 sets of keys at a time!, going to court or working at a different office, I need something a little large to hold my files in. Generally, you'll find me nestled away in a cafe and you know what that means, laptop time to 5'oclock Friday time for some drinks with the office crew, so yes a good few essentials for the office for different structured days a good bag has to come in to play.

And there you have it folks, my back to work essentials! I am planning on what actually I carry on in my bag at work, but that I'll save for an upcoming post.

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